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10 Best Choker Necklaces Perking Up Your Outfits

Fashion comes and goes. Choker necklace is a stylish jewelry staple worn by many models, icons and celebrities like Angelbaby, Kate Moss and Alicia Silverstone. This post will give you a complete guide of chokers including its history, meaning, fashion choker pieces and styling tips. Read on to know more!

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90s Jewelry

We can not denied our parents were fashion influencers at 90s even though they look not that bold and stylish today. lets check out the trendy 90s jewelry. 
Trendy choker design

5 Trendy Choker Designs

5 Trendy Choker Designs for you! Are you a choker fan? Do you know what kind of choker designs is on trendy? Today we bring it as a fashion bonus for you!
DIY Choker Necklace

DIY Choker Necklace

Stop looking chokers online, you can use all the basic materials to DIY your choker, you can make magic with your ribbons, shoe laces, old jeans, poor laces or beads leis. If you want to look pretty and save money, you are in a right place, Today we introduce you some basic ways to DIY choker necklace.
Celebrity Tips on How to Style Choker

Celebrity Tips on How to Style Choker

Whether Wrapped in a shaggy fur coat or a simple white tee, no doubt choker will added drama to celebrities looks. it like no other thing which completed everything. Today,we compiled an A-list of celebrities tips on wearing choker to let you have better idea on how to style your choker easily.