When it comes to 18K jewelry, many people may confuse about many kinds of 18K jewelry with different stamps like 18K,18GP,18KGP, in order to clarify the difference between them, we now firstly know more about 18K gold plated.

What is 18K Gold Plated ?

18K Gold Plated also called 18KGP, Gold plated is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold. 18K is a kind of stamp,K represents the purity of gold which means 18K gold containing 75% gold.18k gold plated in business is also called forging gold, commonly used in jewelry and ornaments.

18K Gold Plated Physical performance is stable,not easy to fade and antioxidation under the normal temperature condition .

Usually, 60% of the gold is not easy to cause human body skin irritation, so 18K gold is low cost and a wearing more comfortable.

How long can 18K gold plated last?

18k gold plated is a kind of special exercise methods of forged alloy, generally refers to platinum alloy or copper plating but not contain ingredients of silver. And general alloy,18k gold plated jewelry can be used for a long time, it will not fade generally within 1-2 years if you maintain and clean it in a proper way.

Only we know the meaning of 18k gold plated will we not be cheated when we buying 18K gold plated jewelry.



Jessie Reyes said:

I have 18kGP necklace it is fake or real?

judelyn said:

14kgp has a value?

VIcki lInton said:

What MFC BRONZE 18KT mean on my pendant?

ANgel said:

Hello trying to figure how much my cuban link 14" 83 grams but it has 18kGP on it how much do you thing please help

Junalyn Rabuya said:

I found a earing they have stamp mark 18kgp this real gold or not

Elva said:

What is the difference between 18k gold plated stainless steel jewelry vs. 18k gold plated copper/silver jewelry?

Maria Castro said:

How can you tell a real gold from plated gold

Yasmin Gumama said:

I have also like that 18KGP. If I took it to a jeweler to buy it would they buy it or no? Can you answer this

William said:

Hello I am looking for a jewelry site and looking for I often notice the baths “S925 / Brass” and “CZ / VSS” I know that S925 jewelry is of better quality but they are also more expensive on the other hand compared to the 18k gold plated (Brass) the quality is it very bad and is it worth me cost ($ 50 tennis chain 18k gold plate brass, CZ …) And secondly what is my difference between imitation diamand CZ and VSS? Thank you

Yvette Wilburn said:

I just purchased an 18 karat gold chain with pendent from IO how many times has this been dipped in 18 carat gold and how long will it last until it fades and can I wear it in the shower

Joshua Thompson said:

How does it do in water referring to 18kgp u7

Jason said:

I have a 18k u7 necklace is it real or fake if I took it to a jeweler to buy it would they buy it or no

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