When you got a piece of gold jewelry, you may want know if it is made of real gold or some other materials, instead of bite the jewelry with your teeth or spending money on Professional Appraisal, there must be some easy ways to spot the gold and gold plated jewelry. Some of our customer also require us about the solution, today we tell you three easy ways to distinguish real gold and gold plated jewelry!

1.How to Spot Gold Plated and Gold Jewelry-Magnetization Test

Get a ordinary magnet, if the jewelry is attached to the magnet, that means it is not real gold jewelry or not made with substantial amount of gold. If it is not attached, that doesn’t mean it is real gold, because there are some other material will not be attached like Copper, aluminum. Then you can take step 2 or 3 to check.
How to Spot Gold Plated and Real Gold Jewelry

2.How to Spot Gold Plated and Gold Jewelry-See the Stamp 

When you get your gold jewelry, the first thing you should do is checking the mark which explain the material, there will be a 24K,18K or 14K stamp on the clasp or the inner side of your ring, if it is 18KGP or 14KGP stamp on the jewelry, that means it is 18K gold plated and 14K gold plated instead of real gold, the gold was plated over the surface of silver, platinum or other metals. If you notice no stamp displayed on the jewelry, then you can skip to step 3.

How to Spot Gold Plated and Real Gold Jewelry

3.How to Spot Gold Plated and Gold Jewelry-Calculating the Density: Density=Mass/Volume

Each metal has its own density, the big different density of the real gold is a best way to test if your jewelry is gold,gold plated, or fake. First weight your jewelry with your grams scale. Second put the jewelry into the graduated cylinder which fill with water, exact amount of the water level before and after immersion you can know the volume of your jewelry. Third make the calculation: Density=Mass/Volume. Below is density of real gold.

14K yellow – 12.9 to 13.6 g/ml
18K yellow – 15.2 to 15.9 g/ml
22K – 17.7 to 17.8 g/ml

How to Spot Gold Plated and Real Gold Jewelry

If you got other simple ways of test real gold and gold plated jewelry, please do share with us!