U7 Jewelry A Complete Guideline to Military Dog Tags

A Complete Guideline to Military Dog Tags

What's the origin/history of military dog tags? How dog tag got its nickname? What information can you engrave on dog tag necklaces? How to style and where to buy best classic dog tags for men? This post will advise you a complete guide to military dog tag including its history,orgin, style and fashion and buying tips.
May 11, 2021
U7 Jewelry The Best Gift For Moms-The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Best Gift For Moms-The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mom is a greatest women in your life.Don’t miss the chance to thank you mom on Mother’s Day.Show your love and express your gratitude to mom with personalized necklace with birthstone like family tree necklace,Infinity name necklace,engraved bar necklace/bracelet/ring,photo necklace and more.Up to 60% +free shipping.
April 08, 2021
U7 Jewelry Cross Necklace for Women

Cross Necklace for Women

Cross necklaces normally tie in with Christianity. They are typically worn by Christian devotees to display their faith.Far more frequently than not, people today who put on cross necklaces only take pleasure in the visual appeal. With today's marketplace, there is plenty of cross necklace for women.
May 29, 2020
U7 Jewelry Best 5 Kinds of Jewelry for Men to Wear

Best 5 Kinds of Jewelry for Men to Wear

Men jewelry: two words quite likely to result in a shudder. If it will not conjure memories of Mr T, than it' the gold-dripping cab drivers outside Rome/Barcelona/Milan airport, who - though cool in their own way - are hardly the kind of gent we choose to imitate around the frequent. But worst of all, lots of nevertheless believe men jewelry to be feminine. Emasculating, even. None of which can be remotely correct.
June 27, 2019
U7 Jewelry HIP HOP vs RAP


Rap music is the combination of rhyming and poetry to a beat. It is part of the Hip-Hop genre, which will involve lyrics above fast-paced music. A lot of people have described Hip-Hop as a way of life along with a subculture, although rap can be a specific genre of mus
May 14, 2019
U7 Jewelry Crucifixion Of St Peter Cross Jewelry

Crucifixion Of St Peter Cross Jewelry

The Apostle Peter was originally referred to Simon. A fisherman by trade, he lived with his wife and family members in Capernaum. Jesus is known as Peter and his brother Andrew to become his disciples. He mentioned to Simon: You will be Peter, the rock, and on this rock I'll develop my church, thereby providing Simon the title Peter and creating him the first head in the church. He's viewed as to become the very first Pope. Peter performed quite a few miracles and undertook a number of missionary journeys. In Rome, he was arrested by Emperor Nero and condemned to death on a cross. At his very own request, he was crucified upside down since he did not think about himself worthy ample to die within the identical way as Christ.  

March 21, 2019
U7 Jewelry Engraving Tips On Medical Alert Bracelet

Engraving Tips On Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical alert ID jewelry is most efficient when it reflects accurate, complete, and easy-to-read medical information and facts that belong to its wearer. Deciding on what information to engrave may be complicated in the event you have extra than one particular healthcare ailment, allergy, or medicine. so nowadays, we're here to provide you some Engraving Guidelines on Medical alert ID jewelry.

March 13, 2019
U7 Jewelry Introduction to Chains

Introduction to Chains

We consider it for granted and buy it, or we help it become ourselves; we obtain because of the foot, or with clasps currently hooked up; we hold jewelry on it, or cut it up into one-way links and make chain necklace. It's jewellery chain, and rather then acquire it as a right, permit's uncover what would make up chain, and the way it's come to us from our ancestors by way of history!

March 11, 2019
U7 Jewelry Star of David - Jewish jewellery

Star of David - Jewish jewellery

The six-pointed Star of David is usually a prevalent symbol for both of those Judaism and Israel. Recognised in Hebrew as being a Magen David (defend of David),
January 15, 2019
U7 Jewelry Cable Chain Necklace Designs For You

Cable Chain Necklace Designs For You

Everyone may be familiar with the classic cable chain necklace designs, because cable shape and forms is the most common element in our daily life, in natural, art and fashion, today we are here to talk about our cable chain necklace which echoed back the historical endurable forms. 
September 14, 2018
U7 Jewelry How to Clean Costume Jewelry

How to Clean Costume Jewelry

costume jewelry satisfied our desire for bold statement jewelry with affordable price. but we will be sad to find our costume jewelry tarnished.Do you know how to clean costume Jewelry?
July 11, 2018
U7 Jewelry Cuff Fashion 2018-2019

Cuff Fashion 2018-2019

Cuffs does not have incredible influence in fashion history, but also has been brought back to the runways of fashion show this year. let check out Cuff Fashion 2018-2019.
July 10, 2018