Brooches has been brought back to runways by well know fashion brands like Vui Louis Vuitton, Celine and Miu Miu Victoria Beckham ect. The cold fall is coming, no accessories is better than vintage brooches to complete your layered clothes and it is the must have accessory for you to catch the modern fashion trend this fall/winter.

The brooches is very flexible to wear depend mainly on one’s personal preference, but the wrong way of wearing will look horrible, today we give you some trendy ways on how to wear a brooch.

How to Wear a Brooch-Try the Elegant Way to Wear it on Your Left Shoulder

If you are careful enough you can notice Royal family of UK always wear the brooches on the left shoulder, like Queen Elizabeth and Kate always wear the brooches on the left shoulder, it is a practical choice if your are wearing your oversized brooches, unless it will swing and be annoying when you shake hand with others. But it is not the rule for all, you can try to wear it on the left side if you like.

How to wear a brooch

How to wear a brooch

How to Wear a Brooch-Attached in the Middle of Collar Ribbon

One of my favorite way of wearing brooch is attached it in the middle of the ribbon collar , I love the look Gucci show on the runway, the printing flower dress and red blue ribbon collar with a gorgeous Beatles brooches attached in the middle, i am fascinated with its vintage style, a beautiful girl next door look. Animal brooches is one kind of lovely jewelry for you to make your statement.

How to wear a brooch

How to Wear a Brooch-Attached on Your Hand Bag

It is fun to attached your colorful brooch to your hand bag, add a little detail to make your hand bag standout.

How to Wear a Brooch-Attached on Suit Collar

If you want to look more official, you can attach your brooches to the collar of your oversized formal wear suit. it does not suitable for work place, but also add a post modern flair to your look.

How to Wear a Brooch-Attached on Your Waist Belt

Brooches can suit wear like a clasp, just hang close to your waist belt, you will be thrilled to know how your brooches make your whole look visually interesting and Exotic.

How to wear a brooch

How to Wear a Brooch-Laying Multiple Brooches on Both Shoulders

Though it is little tough to match all the brooches, but it worth trying, because it will totally light up your outfit, first time you can try laying different design of floral brooches.

How to wear a brooch

How to Wear a Brooch-Leaf Brooch Pin on Black Jacket

Give your black jacket some natural element with one piece of leaf Brooch, leaf earrings and necklace, leaf brooches are the hottest accessories in this season, you should not miss this perfect pieces.

How to wear a brooch

How you wear your brooches? Please share with us in below.