Conservationists were expecting the death of Sudan, the world’s last remaining male northern white rhinoceros. But when he died on Monday night, the news was met with international dismay.(National Geographic), Even with our advance clone technology could’t reverse the fact that Norther white rhinoceros is dying out.

Nowadays , people start to aware the importance of wildlife protection and change the way to Love animals-wearing animal jewelry, fashionable and environmentally friendly,therefore,The needs for animal jewelry is increasing everyday and triggering the market of 18K Gold Plated Animal Jewelry Wholesale !

1. 18K Gold Plated Animal Jewelry Wholesale-Cute Cat/Dog Jewelry

Ladies couldn’t resist the charming and cute Cat/Dog 18 Gold plated jewelry, especially for the ones who have a pet. Plated with 18K gold make the jewelry have rich color and will last for a long time. Delicate and vivid design is suitable for daily wearing and could fit with any outfits.



2. 18K Gold Plated Animal Jewelry Wholesale-Punk Animal Jewelry

The tough and strong animal punk design animal jewelry is popular among male animal lovers,it add an impressive masculine touch to the look.



3. 18K Gold Plated Animal Jewelry Wholesale-Animal Brooches

Brooches come in and out of fashion with a certain predictability, but a recent flourishing of bejewelled pins confirms that not only are brooches in style, they are most on-trend accessory. Animal design will add wild sense and also make the brooches meaningful. Like the elephant is strong symbol of luck and good fortune and the famous saying goes “keep a lucky elephant at the door to your house so that you can get protection from bad luck and only invite inside the good”.



4. 18K Gold Plated Animal Jewelry Wholesale-Animal Ring

Faithful spirit guardian animal ring is also the top fashion accessories for all.



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