Mothers’ day is approaching, you may planning on finding a sweet gift for her, we provide you four kinds of Personalized Jewelry For Single Mom.

Why We Need To Give Personalized Jewelry For Single Mom ?

Filmed over 12 years with the same cast, Richard Linklater’s “BOYHOOD” touching millions peoples heart, its an ode to growing up and parenting. this movie has featured how the single mom Olivia trying her best to raising her child. There is a movie scene impress us the most when her child leaving her to college, she said: my life is just go like this, this series of milestone, getting married,having kids, getting divorced...sending samantha off to college, sending you off to college, you know whats next, it’s my fucking funeral. I just thought there would be more.” Everyone will feel lonely when their child leaving, especially for a single mom. Sometimes she wont say, but you should not neglect her feelings. she needs more company and caring.

Personalized Jewelry For Single Mom

Single mom always greatest and most beautiful women in the world , they need two points of love than other family, we need to express our love to them bravely , so what kinds of Personalized jewelry are great for single mom ?

1. Personalized Jewelry For Single Mom - Locked Necklace

Classic lockets will always be appreciated. Go the traditional route and include a picture you took with your mom , or write a sweet note that she can always keep close. Take it a step further and have this locket engraved with initials or a special date. the personalized locked Jewelry will be a special and sweet gift for her. A personalized gift like this will be treasured forever.

Personalized Jewelry For Single Mom - Locked Necklace

2. Personalized Jewelry For Single Mom-Engrevable Photo Necklace

Its special technique making photo could be engraved on 925 Sterling Silver, you could printing any photo you want to, and the photo will not faded because of its protecting surface. Its a meaningful and long standing gift for her.

Engrevable Photo Necklace

3. Personalized Jewelry For Single Mom-Engravable Bar Necklace

This Engravable Bar Necklace is a timeless yet trendy piece, this engravable bar necklace make for very thoughtful and appreciated gift for her, the bar could engraved with her name or your best wishes. It made of 316L stainless steel and plated with 18K gold and could be preserved for a very long time.Your mom must will love this fashion design and the shinning,  riching color.

Engravable Bar Necklace


4. Personalized Jewelry For Single Mom-Stamped Ring

If you want something tangible to show your bond with your mom, a beautiful quality and clear stamping ring is perfect choice. This stamping ring is with beautiful workmanship and very smooth and comfortable to wear.

Stamped Ring

It doesn’t matter what you give to her but the caring and love you express. Lets find a meaningful and sweet Personalized Jewelry for your single mom.