It must will bring you headache when all your jewelry pile up and hard to find the right one to wear and will make you feel worse when you find some small scratch on your jewelry. It is the right time for you to find a good jewelry box for all your treasures.

Why Do We Need A Good Jewelry Box?

We got so many kinds of jewelry as time went by, like wedding ring or the diamond tennis bracelet your husband gave you on special occasion, or the custom jewelry you just buy for next party. A jewelry box will help keep all the rings, earrings, and necklaces, bracelet organized and prevent your kids get their hands into your treasures. and most importantly it will prevent the jewelry from scratch and tarnishing.

1. Big Multi Drawer Jewelry Organizer

This multi drawer jewelry organizer possess high capacity. Could hold all your necklaces, watches, earrings, hairpins, cuff link and brooches. Outside is made of PU leather and the lining is made of high quality soft flannelette, which make it sturdy, without objectionable smells and could protect the jewelry from scratch and tarnishing.

Big Multi Drawer Jewelry Organizer

There is a small portable jewelry box nest inside, it is perfect for travel. Both opening sides could hold your necklace, the way the pouches hold the hanging necklaces is great at preventing tangles. The mirror on the lid will let you have a better idea how you look when you wearing your jewelry.
It is a quiet good investment for you.


2. Portable Travel Jewelry Box

This lovely pink portable travel jewelry box could be easily packed in your purse or luggage, with the zipper design, the jewelry will not fall out easily. It's rounded edges don't catch on other things in your suitcase, even if things get jostled around. The casing is sturdy enough that it's not going to get crushed easily. There are double layers on the lid, one with a mirror and behind you could hanged your earrings or your necklace. Even it is small, with the compact sleek design, it could hold rings, necklace and bracelet you need to wear when you travelling.
It is also a good choice for your daily use, you will find it practical when you have to take off your jewelry really quick before work,sports,etc.

Portable Travel Jewelry Box



It's a universal truth that boxes fascinate people, jewelry box not only could serve as your daily uses, could serve as a delicate gift for your daughter or your best friend. Lets find your jewelry box to your favor.


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