It is a fact that gold jewelry is the best friend of women and an adorable adorn for them to blend with their outfits. However, as gold is soft and malleable, it is uneasy to be beaten into many other shapes and it is so expensive that many people can’t afford it. Hence, gold plated jewelry is the best and economical choice for those who want to get affordable and gold-like jewelry. Though most of us heard about gold plated jewelry, many people may confuse or even know nothing about it therefore we are now to clarify 6 knowledge about gold plated jewelry.

1.What is gold plated/What does gold plated mean?

Normally, there is an “18K GP” mark when you buy the necklace, ring, or bracelet and you may wonder what it means. The mark means 18 karat gold plated which is a thin layer of 75% pure gold covering them. The covered layer is as thin as 1/1000 to 3/1000 of an inch to be deposited over base metal by using electricity or chemicals. And below video will help to make it clear on this question.

2.Is gold plated real gold and worth anything?

    Since the layer is so thin, some people would ask: is gold plated real gold? Although it is a thin layer, it is definitely real gold covering.

    It is a fact that the layer is so thin that makes the gold plated jewelry less valuable compare with pure gold. However, if you don’t care about the actual value and like golden accessories to pair with daily wearing, gold plated jewelry is perfectly a substitute for pure gold as it also looks gorgeous but affordable and economical for most people yet nicely gifting your dear friend and beloved on the important time or date.

    3.Difference between gold, gold plated, and black plated jewelry?

      Except for gold and gold plated jewelry, there also have black plated jewelry. Follow the chart and image to help you fully understand the difference between gold,gold plated, and bad plated.

      Difference between gold, gold plated, and black plated jewelry



      Price (50g)



      Purpose of purchase

      18K Gold Jewelry

      75% Gold

      +25% Alloy

      USD $3000

      More than 2 Years

      Avoid contact with water and sweat

      Financial product

      Precious gift 

      Precious collection


      18K Gold Plated Jewelry

      (Recommended Brand:U7)

      18K Gold Plated on Surface of Copper or 316L Stainless Steel

      USD $10-$50

      6 Months-2 Years

      Avoid contact with water and sweat

      Daily wear

      Meaningful gift

      Matching clothes and makeup

      Bad Plated Jewelry

      Unfriendly golden material on bad alloy or plastic

      Less than USD $5

      Less than 1 Week

      Avoid contact with water and sweat

      Unhealthy, not recommended


      4.Does gold plated tarnish and fade?

      As mentioned above, gold plated jewelry is base metal underneath and covered a very thin 18K gold layer, it will gradually fade or tarnish over time due to the molecules of the base metals transfer into the thin gold layer thus break down the gold layer.

      5.How long does gold plated jewelry last?

      Some people may wonder, how long does gold plated jewelry last even if it will finally fade and tarnish? It depends. Usually, it lasts about 6 months - 2 years or more if take good care of it avoiding being scratched or chipped. Moreover, take it off when you are sweat or swimming which will shorten its service life.

      6.How to clean and restore gold plated jewelry?

      It is inevitably gold plated jewelry will fade and tarnish at the end, but if with good caring, it will last a long time. Here are some tips for cleaning gold plated jewelry to help to extend its service life.

      Tips 1: Using dishwashing detergent instead of antibacterial soaps as the former will help to clean gold plated jewelry mildly while the latter contain some component that will make it tarnish easily.

      Tips 2: Clean with soft microfiber cloth. As the layer of gold plated jewelry is easy to flake off, soft microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning it without scratching hence keep it shiny longer.

      Tips 3: Keep gold plated jewelry in a cool and dry place where have less steam or water, to slow down oxidation so as not to discolor or fade quickly.

      7.Where can I buy gold plated jewelry?

      No matter you buy gold plated jewelry online and offline, quality and price should be two main aspects you need to concern about. It would be best if the jewelry is high quality as well as at an affordable price. U7 Jewelry is the ideal fashion jewelry provider for its high quality and economical price.