Name necklaces are an eye-catching modern fashion accessory perfect for any outfits. This jewelry piece is great for everyday wear for any occasions because of its elegance and simplicity. In addition, it is a fantastic gift for yourself as well as your loved ones due to its customizable and personal design. In this article, we are going to discuss the below questions or points:

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What is Name Necklace?

Name necklace is a necklace adored with one or more names on a chain. It is a customizable piece with special meaning to the wearer. Many people will customize their name necklaces with their own names or those of their loved ones. Personalized necklace with names is a trendy meaningful and unique piece to show off your personality.

Types of Name Necklaces

In regards to the material of name necklaces, many custom name necklaces are in 925 Sterling Silver, stainless steel or brass with 18K gold plated, platinum plated, rose gold plated, ect. When it comes to the design of name necklaces, there are many types you can opt for. Some vendors have various fonts you can choose. Here at U7 Jewelry, we have name necklaces in different fonts: Carrier, Old English, Cursive, Script MT Bold, Arial and Arabic. You can design your own and select one according to your taste and preference. While some name necklaces come in an infinity symbol and some include gemstones which enable you to customize your own style.

8  Most Popular Name Necklaces In Style

1.Minimalist Personalized Classic Name Necklace For Women Girls

The minimalist and simple look of this personalized name necklaces will surely make you look versatile. Available in 43 selected names, you can also customize any other names. There are 3  3 fonts you can choose from: Arabic, Script MT Bold, Old English.

2.Personalized Layered Name Necklace with Heart and Rose For Women Girls

Custom name necklaces adored with a heart in the middle or on the right side or a rose is a unique and perfect gift to your loved ones such as your girlfriend, wife, daughter and so on. You can just put in the name for the necklace(up to 10 characters) then choose the font(Arial and  Script MT Bold). A dainty and romantic necklace with name is here as a gift with dainty gift box.

3.Simple Custom Double Layered Name Necklace with Number Date For Women Girls

No matter of your outfit, you would definitely get a lot of compliments with these personalized layered name necklaces. There are two types you can opt for: double name necklace with heart and double name necklace. You can also customize any date or number on the bottom or on the above.

4.Personalized Y Lariat Double Names Necklace For Women

Unique and special, this double name necklace would be a gorgeous piece can create the elegant  layered effect. It looks attractive when you pair it with a deep V-neck or a off-shoulder top. Choose a color(18K gold plated/platinum plated) and then design your own daughter to mom or friend to friend name necklace now!

5.Personalized Heart Shaped Couple Name Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Nameplate

This heart shaped double name necklace is a perfect gift for your special one. The elegant and minimalist look of this name necklace for women is great for any outfits and any casual or formal occasions. Don’t hesitate, buy this dainty piece for her and give her a big surprise.

6.Personalized Minimalist Infinity Name Necklace 18K Gold/Platinum Plated

Infinity symbol, a symbol represents eternity, endlessness and everlasting love. This infinity name necklace creates a modern and fashionable appeal to the wearer. You can match them with any kind of outfits and bring your look to the next level.

7.Personalized Infinity Name Necklace with Birthstone

This infinity name necklace is a more personal jewelry piece to perk up your general look because of the sparking birthstone. You can select the birthstones of your loved ones and customize the infinity symbol with their names. It will be a thoughtful gift to the receiver. We have infinity name necklaces that you can customize up to 4 names in a pendant charm, if you are interested, you can visit our name necklace collections here.

8.925 Sterling Silver Personalized Curved Name Necklace

This minimalistic name necklace in cursive font is stylish and modern jewelry piece for women. It fits well to your collarbone or collar. Made of 925 Sterling Silver, it is definitely shiny enough to give extra sparkling and elegant touch to your look. Customize your own nameplate necklace and wear it to the party to show off your style.

How to Style A Name Necklace?

I believe that there are many name necklaces in your jewelry collection box if you are a fan of name necklaces. But do you know how to wear the personalized and elegant name necklaces in a right as well as a trendy way? Here are some tips of wearing name necklaces in style.

Tip 1: Wear a single name necklace on its own

Simple is fashion, wear your favourite name necklace on its own to make a statement piece to show off your personality with its classic and simple look. You can wear a name necklace with a round neck white T-shirt, a deep V-neck or a blouse, it will be sure to create a minimalist and fashion look.

Wear a single name necklace on its own

Tip 2: Wear more than one name necklaces

Wear many name necklace pieces to emphasize your personality. You can customize your name in various fonts then stack them. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the name chains need to be in different lengths.

Wear more than one name necklaces

Tip 3: Stack with a bar name necklace

Layering your name necklace with your simple bar necklace is one of the most common wearing style for the name necklace. Most bar necklace can add message on the dainty bar, which creates a more personal and stylish touch to your whole look.

Stack with a bar name necklace

Tip 4: Layer name necklaces with dainty chokers/necklaces

Layer the name necklace with any dainty choker necklaces or chain necklaces, this type of a wearing style can pair with all kinds of outfits because of the delicate design and simple look.

Layer with other necklaces with charms

Tip 5: Layer name necklace with other necklaces with charms

It does not matter which kind of necklace you choose to stack with the name necklace, you can choose your favorite type, it can be an initial necklace, cross necklace, necklace in round disc shape, just layer them at your free style to create an elegant feel.

 Layer with other necklaces with charms

No matter which wearing style you prefer, the personalized name necklace will definitely make you look elegant and versatile and easily pair with any outfits.

Where to Buy Affordable Name Necklaces?

Amazon and Etsy have plenty of name necklaces you can choose from. In addition, you can find various styles of beautifully crafted and high quality name necklaces at an affordable price at U7 Jewelry. U7 Jewelry also has a wide collection of personalized jewelry pieces including custom photo necklaces, engraved necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more you will like and customize one for yourself or your beloveds.

Final Thought

Name necklaces are a top personalized jewelry trend never out of date. It is an elegant piece with more personal and unique feel for your stylish look. There are many type of name necklaces made with different material and different fonts, we listed 8 popular name necklaces and advise how to wear name necklace in style. Don’t hesitate to buy one piece as gift for someone special in your life, follow this jewelry trend. Drop by at U7 Jewelry to shop now!




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