Summer is already here! Summer is the most playful time of the year. It’s a season to calls for less clothes and the best time to show off jewelry. What are the most trendy and budget-friendly jewelry trends for the summer? Below are 6 hottest jewelry trends you cannot miss out for this fun summer. These pieces will definitely perk up your look and can be dressed up any outfits for any occasions. Let’s read on to find out these summer's must-have pieces:

Summer Jewelry Trend #1 – Anklets

Ankle bracelets are a must-have fashion piece for your summer wardrobe. These few years, anklets come back in fashion thanks to their stylish and chic look, you will be sure to pull off its look and enjoy your summer by wearing summer anklets on the beach. We U7 Jewelry has a wide collection of anklets, some of them can be customized with engraving.

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Summer Jewelry Trend #2 – Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces will never go out of style and they are a jewelry stable for summer. No matter from dainty chokers to the chunky ones, choker necklaces can better show off your sexy collarbones, they perfectly pair with any kinds of outfits in your wardrobe especially off-shoulders. You can layer a choker with other jewelry pieces or worn on its own to create a chic look.

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Summer Jewelry Trend #3 – Initial Necklaces

Initial necklaces is a timeless jewelry trend popular among celebrities. It is a jewelry piece you must try thanks to its personal taste and style. You will be looked great by layering letter necklaces with other types of necklace. For example, you can layer a letter necklace with a dainty chain necklace for an elegant look. It also looks great on its own. Choose a letter of yourself or your love and style it with any of your outfits to create a simple yet chic look.

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Summer Jewelry Trend #4 – Statement Earrings

Hoop earrings would spice up any of your outfits and add glamour to your outlook. They will be sure to make a statement with its stunning and bold appeal. Made of hypoallergenic, nickle free and lead free material, our oversized hoop earrings are perfect for sensitive earrings. Go for big and bold hoops and make your summer more fun.

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Summer Jewelry Trend #5 – Custom Name Necklaces

Name necklaces are always here to rock their own style throughout the year. Wear an elegant and unique name necklace to show off your personality for a persona look this summer, you will get a bunch of compliments with a personalize name necklace around your neck.

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Summer Jewelry Trend #6 – Bangle Bracelets

Get your bracelets ready for this hot summer because summer is the best time to show off your bracelets. Bracelets will add glamour to your whole look and easily and perfectly pair with any outfits and style. There are many fashionable style to choose from and easy to style.

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Anklets, initial necklaces, choker necklaces, custom name necklaces, statement earrings and bracelets are top 6 hottest jewelry trends for summer. These jewelry pieces will definitely add sparkle to your summer wardrobe and make your look stylish this summer. It is highly recommended to wear several of these jewelry to rock your lovely summer. If you are still struggling to find suitable one for your style, you are welcome to explore our website. Here we have various jewelry pieces from necklaces to bracelets in different chic and modern styles.