This Men's Stainless Steel 18K Gold Plated Necklace is so amazingly nice! My 19 year old son was in from College and seen this laying on the table, before i could even tell him that it was for him he asked if he could have it. I was really a little surprised because he normally doesn't wear things like this, such as necklaces maybe is what i am trying to say. I noticed that he recently had ordered a necklace so that is what give me the idea to give this to him and i am so glad i did. He is in College as i mentioned and you don't always find the kids showing their religious support to often, i must say i am very proud of him.

This is a really nice size cross that has such nice detailing on it. You can actually see what would appear to be the grain on the wood on the cross. The detain in Jesus hanging nailed to the cross is amazing as well, they have put some time into the craftsmanship of this pendant that is for sure. It has a nice size clasp attached to it that the chain will go threw. This is not one of those cheap thin crosses, it is a more heavier piece and made thick enough to where it wont bend or brake.
U7® jesus piece
It comes with a really nice size chain measuring at inches along with a inch extension to assure the right size for your own personal preferences. So no worries of this being to long or to short, you pick your own size.

This is a rope style chain and is very nice and looks as if it were pure gold but it is in fact 18 karot gold plated and it has a plate that has the 18KGP on it showing it does have real 18 karot gold on top of the alloy structure. This is a very nice chain and accents the pendant great.

Together with the chain and pendant this is a remarkable set and i am so blessed to have been offered it.
U7® Jesus piece
I received this set in exchange for a honest and unbiased review and that is what i have provided based on my own opinions of this necklace, i have provided my own thoughts on the quality and appearance of this items.


By Corey