The weather is getting warmer, summer, the best time to update our wardrobe as well as our jewelry collection is just around the corner. As we all known jewelry does us a great favor to perk up our outfits, adding extra glam to our look. No matter from necklaces, earrings, bracelets or from rings, the shiny jewelry pieces make your clothes more stylish. What is the hottest jewelry trend for summer? This article will share you with a trendy jewelry piece for wearing all summer along- anklets. Keep up with the runways, let’s start now!

What Are Anklets?

Anklets, also called ankle bracelets, ankle chains or ankle strings, are kind of bracelets attach to our ankles that can provide a stylish and sexy look. Ankle bracelets came into fashion since 90s, they are a favorite piece when it comes to spring and summer jewelry fashion.


What Is the Origin of Anklets?

Even though ankle chains gives an aesthetic to a person’s style. However, anklets are not just a fashion jewelry piece, it also has its origins and the special meanings in the ancient times. Ankle chain is one of the most important jewelry accessories in the ancient times and was found in Sumerian tombs over 4500 years ago.

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Meanings of Anklets in Different Cultures

1.Meanings of Anklets in Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, anklets are used to stand for the social status of the wearer as female. If a woman is wearing an anklet in gold color, it means she is from upper class or has a wealthy husband while a woman wearing an ankle chain made of silver, iron or leather, she is belonged to the lower class.

2.Meanings of Anklets in Ancient India

Custom Anklets Personalized Ankle Chains For Women Girls

    In ancient India, ankle chains are used to point out the marital status of the women. Nearly most India married women will wear anklets. They usually wear ankle chains with some charms to make sound. In this way, their husbands will know the women are coming, and they know they should be well-behaved and respectful. Anklet is also an important accessory in India marriage. The bride will wear on both right and left ankles.

    3. Meanings of Anklets in South East Asia

      In South East Asia, anklet chains were worn for the purpose of learning a short feminine way of walking. Women worn ankle bracelet to restrict their steps to practice this kind of lovely walking.

      4.What’s the Meaning of Anklets in Modern Days?

        Today, anklets are fashion jewelry accessories worn by not only women but also men. People seldom care about its traditional meanings just for fashion. The most important thing is you look and feel great in it. Isn’t it?

        Which Ankle To Wear Anklet On? Right Or Left?

        There are some rumors about the way of wearing anklets. It is said that if a person wearing an ankle chain on the left ankle, she is married or has a satisfied relationship currently. While wearing the anklets on the right means you are single. There is also another saying that the wearing on the left keep away from evil. However, nowadays, people care nothing about the way of wearing ankle bracelets. Some people even wear on both ankles for versatile look.

        Where to Wear Anklets? 

        When keeping up with the runway, you need to take occasions into considerations. As you known, it is absolutely not a good idea to wear an anklet with charm with much noise in the office, library or some public places. Below are the best places to wear your stunning anklet bracelets.

        • Wear at the beach
        • Wear at a summer party
        • Wear at a swimming poolside
        • Wear at cocktail parties

        How to Wear Anklets? 

        Ankle chains can be worn with both formal and casual attires. One important thing you need to keep in mind is you need to have your ankle area exposed to show off the stunning anklets. For clothing, you can pair it with a cocktail dress, mini dresses, elegant shorts, cuffed jeans or leggings. Anklets perfectly go with sandals, backless loafers, flip-flops, sneakers, pumps . You can also wear anklets with some toe rings. Going with bare foot is also an ideal choice.

        Top 10 Stylish Anklets Perfectly Match Your Outfits

        1. Letter Figaro Chain Anklet

        Initial letter anklet

        Wearing this special anklet with the initial of your name is better to show off your personality. The hexagon letter charm hanging from a shiny and durable Figaro chain make this anklet a unique piece for any outfits. Wear this letter anklet to pair with your high heel, sundress or mini skirt to create your newest go-to summer look.

        2. Custom Name Anklets Custom Name Ankle ChainThis dainty name anklet in elegant font adds a touch of elegance to your overall look. You can just choose the color, enter a name to customize your favorite charm. Would be a good choice as gift for your be loved such as mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter.


        3. Custom Initial Anklet
        Custom Initial Anklets

        The elegant design and versatile look are what make this initial anklet a trendy piece you must try. You can customize up to 6 letters for the dangling charms. Would be a perfect personalized gift to your wife, mom, girlfriend and female friend.

        4. Custom Infinity Ankle Bracelet

        Infinity AnkletThe Infinity sign symbolizes eternity and everlasting love. This minimalist and simple infinity anklet can be worn with your favorite comfy outfit or dress it up with a pair of sneaker. Free engraving on the infinity charm adds a personalized touch to your ankles.

        5. Classic Flat Mariner Chain Anklet

        Flat Mariner Chain Anklet

        This flat Mariner chain anklet made of 18k gold plated brass is not easy to tarnish. Can be worn alone or layered. 2-inches extending rolo chain helps to adjust the length. Choose this classic anklet and stack with other types anklets from your jewelry collection to show off your creativity.

        6. Dainty Heart Charm Anklet

        Dainty Heart Charm Anklet

        The simplicity of the heart charm hanging on a durable box chain adds an elegant appeal to the look of your leg. Free engraving on the tiny cute heart charm better to show off your personality. Can perfectly pair with many kinds of dress, sandals or flip-flop.

        7. 3D Yellow Rose Flower Charm Anklet

        Yellow Rose Flower Charm Anklet

        The cute 3D rose flower charm anklet recall the romantic of love. A anklet with sweet inscription or symbol engraved on the leaf of the charm, a perfect accessory for your sentimental sunset beach walks.


        8. Rhinestone Sunflower Charm Anklet

        Rhinestone Sunflower Charm Anklet BraceletBohemia style anklet bracelet with Sunflower charms is perfect to wear as a barefoot anklet. Quality high polished 18k gold plated shiny chain and bling Rhinestones inlaid charms make you stand out in the crowd, wear it to the beach party.

        9. Butterfly Charm Figaro Chain Anklet

        Butterfly Charm Figaro Chain Anklet

        Sturdy and shiny Figaro chain hanging with a hollow butterfly charm. This ankle bracelet creates a more classic and retro feel to your overall look. Can also be worn as a bracelet with the adjustable rolo chain. Go barefoot or stack with any minimalist jewelry pieced to create a chic contract.

        10. Rainbow Cross Chain Anklet

        Rainbow Cross Chain Anklet

        Summer is all about having fun and showing off your unique accessories and chic looks. This dainty piece of anklet with cross charms in rainbow color is a good choice to try. Just pick this colorful ankle bracelet to add another touch layer to your look!

        Something Needs to Consider Before Buying Anklets

        Before ordering an anklet online, you need to take many things into consideration. If you order one directly without doing much thinking, it will be a wrong purchase making you look odd.

        • Firstly you need to know how to wear it. Does the anklet match the styles of your wardrobe? Choose the one suits most of your clothes sense. It is recommended to have 2 to 3 anklets of different styles in your jewelry collection. In this way, it will be easier for you to select a suitable one to wear with your accessories.
        • Secondly, make sure you know your ankle size before ordering. Use a measuring tape to measure your ankle size. If you like a looser style anklet, you can add extra 0.5 to 1 inches to your anklet size. If you prefer a tight style, add less than 0.5 inches and leave some room for adjustment. Some anklets online will have extending chain for adjustment.
        • Thirdly, you need to moisturize your ankles or legs with some body lotion before wearing anklets in order to keep a shiny tone. A clean and decent nails is also important.

        Anklet chains are one of the hottest and must-have jewelry pieces for summer. Though ankle bracelets had some special meanings in ancient old cultures that will make you indecisive when buying. However, don’t forget that fashion never goes out of style and will always bring us joy and happiness. Styling is everything, just get yourself some pieces of trendy anklets to rock your summer!