Couple days before, we got a question from our customer about the CZ and VVS diamond, truly, it is hard for one to identify cubic Zirconia from VVS diamond because CZ(cubic zirconia) has excellent clarity and as flawless as VVS diamond, we are expertise on CZ jewelry, so we gather all the data to show what is VVS diamond and how to tell VVS diamond from CZ.

CZ VS Diamond

CZ(Cubic Zirconia) VS Diamond-VVS Diamond Meaning

VVS is a clarity grade for diamond, which grade indicate the diamond contains slightly Inclusions and external characteristics called blemishes that can hardly spot under 10x magnification, VVS is separated into VVS1 and VVS2, VVSI inclusions and external characteristic are situated to the edge which are hard to notice or can be covered by the claw, while VVS2 are gathered to the center. VVS diamond is the closest to rare perfect Flawless Diamond. A priceless luxury for bride.

bling bling VVS diamonds


CZ(Cubic Zirconia) VS Diamond-Clarity Chart of Diamond

Talk about clarity, let’s get some little tips on the clarity grade. The clarity grade of diamonds is decided by the size,amount and location of the inclusions and blemishes (or called small cracks), less the inclusions and flaws or closer to edge, higher the clarity grade is. The clarity of diamonds splits into 6 grades, you can see the picture in below, the Flawless diamond is very rare and expensive, the most common seen diamond are VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2.

clarity chart of diamond

CZ(Cubic Zirconia) VS Diamond-How To Tell VVS Diamond From CZ

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry is always flawless like VVS diamond, it is a little harder to tell a CZ from VVS diamond, but there are still some easy ways you can try at home to identify CZ from VVS diamond.

cubic zirconia engagement ring

1.You only need a newspaper. Put two stones on the newspaper, look straight from the top of the stones, if you can see the words through the stones, then it is CZ, if the words can not be seen, then it is VVS diamond.

2.Diamond is Lipophilic, that is why it will Covered with a layer of fog when you touching the diamond with your hand, draw a line on the surface of the two stones with a oil pen, if the line is consequent, then it is diamond, if you just see Intermittent point, then it is CZ.

3.The density of diamond is 3.52 and CZ is 4.73, so diamond will be lighter than CZ if  the size is the same, then you just need to weight the carat to distinguish this two.

If you got any others questions about CZ(Cubic Zirconia) and VVS diamond, please leave your questions in below, we will always be here for you.