In daily life, People may have vague concepts about various K Gold. Today, We would tell the difference between 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K Gold.


Difference Between 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K Gold?

K means Karat, a unit to measure for purity of gold , which is the fundamental difference between 10k, 14k, 18k and 24k gold. Such as, 24K means pure gold , it is 100% gold content in theory.

Purity of gold could be use the formula 1K=1/24 to calculate. Take 18K gold as a example , 18k=1/24*18=75% , 18k means 18 karat gold therefore only consists of 75% gold , 25% other precious metal.

In summary, To compare with the purity of gold , 24K > 18K >14K >10K .

417 (10K, means 41.7% gold)

585 (14k, means 58.5% gold)

750 (18K, means 75% gold)

917 (22K, means 91.7% gold)

999 (24K, means 99.9% gold)


Which is better for 10K ,14K ,18K and 24K ?

For durability and glossiness , 24K is the best. Because the higher purity of gold , its durability and glossiness would better. However , 24K gold is expensive and too soft to set stone. 24K pure gold is a soft metal that tends to bend and scratch very easily. This makes pure gold quite impractical for daily wear. To compare with 24K, 18K is cheaper and good to designed for many style and shaped. To compare with 14K and 10K , 18K gold has better gloss finished and longer lasting. 

In conclusion ,18k gold plated jewelry the best choice for us in both quality and value .


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