Nowadays ,Gold plated jewelry plays an important role in people's social life. A prefect gold plated jewelry can help people gain more attention in a social occasion and show a better personal appearance.

Below are some tips to match different occasions.

Gold Plated Jewelry For Occasions - On a formal working occasion, wearing a brooches on lapel of business suit, you would be special but formal.

Green Maple Leaf Brooches Pearl Rhinestone Lapel Pin For Men

Gold Plated Jewelry For Occasions - On ceremonious occasions, like celebration, banquet, 18K gold plated jewelry set is needed. Elegant earring, necklace, rings are prefect matching for your evening dress.

Gold Plated Jewelry for Occasions

Gold Plated Jewelry For Occasions - On weddings or birthday parties occasions , wearing colorful and bling zirconia jewelry could enhance the festive atmosphere.

Cubic Zirconia Gold Plated Bridal Earring Ring Necklace Sets

Gold Plated Jewelry For Occasions - On casual occasions, while wearing loose clothing, such as casual clothes, jeans, etc, you can wear street sport style or statement gold plated jewelry. Women can also wear simple jewelry to match their T-shirt .

Music Headphone Gold Plated Pendant Necklace

Large Gold Sideways Initial A Necklace Gold Plated Alphabet Jewelry

Gold Plated Jewelry For Occasions - On a date occasions, women could choose a unique gold plated earrings to increase their female glamour .
Cubic Zirconia  Leaf Gold Plated Drop Earrings

Gold Plated Jewelry For Occasions - On travelling occasions , it would be much better to wear colorful gold plated jewelry. Since the rich color will make you much happier and match the beautiful scenery.
Peacock Rhinestone Gold Plated Earrings

In addition to the above tips, You can choose gold plated jewelry according your clothing, face shape, occupation, age and others. Hope U7 gold plated jewelry make you more attractive on different occasions.

Any other tips ? Welcome to share !


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