Whether they are circles or chandelier, the earrings to wear according to 2018 fashion trend is big, maxi and oversized.

From channel to Loewe,Marine Serre and Saint Laurent, you can see bold designed oversized earrings showed in the runways, The statement oversized earrings have never been so popular than in this fall/ winter season, it sure can make people stop and look, a chic and art pieces for you, so lets check out what kind of oversized earrings is on trend this season.

1. Oversized Hoop Earrings

You can notice the playful oversized hoop earrings in Gucci Fall/Winter 2018/2019, hoop earring always be a classic and statement accessories for celebrities, in this season, designers pushed oversized hoop earrings to the market with the bold and creative architectural style. Oversized hoop earrings can upgrade your fall/ winter street look.

Oversized Hoop Earrings

2. Oversized Nature Designed Earrings

You may know that this years’ channel fall/winter fashion show fascinate us all with its forest runways, the theme Karl want to express is nature, you can see the flower designed necklace dangling around and the leaf designed oversized earrings drop on the shoulder of models. While Valentino use wild west style feathered silver earrings to make the statement. Oversized Nature Designed Earrings let you have a chance to get close to nature and know its beauty shape and meaning.

3.Oversized Nature Designed Earrings

3. Oversized Chandelier Earrings

Oversized Chandelier is an undeniable Bohemian edge, an elegant piece with Exotic style. It sure can capture the attention of an entire room with eye catching elegant and Exotic style. You should never miss the chance to shown off your beauty.

2.Oversized Chandelier Earrings

What style oversized earrings is your favorite, please share with us !