What designers want to say about this fall/ winter jewelry trends? Time to find out! Every girl know the dimensions and depth jewelry can add to outfits, except from stock your colorful bags and high heels to your wardrobe, you should also collect some on trend jewelry to show your personality, statement and to make your daily outfits with a glamorous look.

For this fall/ winter jewelry trend, you can notice the designers to flaunt oversized statement jewelry, and the super natural jewelry, and the classic pin, mismatch earrings in the runways.

1.Super Natural Jewelry

You can see the diversity of the fashion ideas designer express for this fall, but you can get ideas that the fashion trend is tend to get closer to the nature, the channel 2018-2019 fall fashion show is decorated with the forest with yellow leaves, and green glass, it show the high definition of fashion links with nature. You can see the leaves and flowers, feathers designs jewelry in Valentino, Giambattista Valli. A kind of super nature styled jewelry will make you look special even in a casual daily wearing. Embrace jewelry, embrace nature!

flower necklace
flower necklace


2.Metal Choker

Choker is the basic accessories in every girls wardrobe, the polish mental round choker does not highlight your face, but also can create a perfect urban street look, make your independence easy to notice.

Metal Choker

3.Chain links

Chain links always be a top accessories for all, MiuMiu chunky chain links with star pendant let everybody fascinating about its charm and the statement altitude.

Chain necklace

4.Statement Jewelry

The bigger the better, Balenciaga and Dolce&Gabbana lead the fashion trend towards the big statement earrings and necklace, you can feel the contrast of the simple clothing and the heaviness statement jewelry and the confidence aura it created. Just flaunt your beauty and sartorially vigorous aesthetic in this fall.

statement jewelry

5.Dramatic Pin

Classic Pin will never faded out of fashion stage, you can see the pin is back with its dramatic and lager designs.

6.Mismatched Earrings

You must be astonishing to see the mismatch earrings showed in Channel 2018-2019 fall winter runways, such a forward-thinking design, you should never miss the chance you try this fun but bold, openly Mismatched Earrings this fall/winter.

mismatch earrings 2018/2019 fall/winter fashion showImage source: Getty/Dominique Charriau