We can notice an irresistible trend this summer, men and women uses multiple bracelets to complement their arms and wrists, to make their statement and personal style.most fashion designers and famous brands are using multiple bracelets to add flair to the catwalk models to accessorize garment.

If you want to look stylish and to be noticed by others this summer, you can bring out your multiple bracelets to stacking in a trendy style. Here we share with you some tips on stacking your multiple bracelets.

1.Pick a focal point
You can start with the focal point, choose your favorite bracelets as a focal point which should be thick or Wider, like cuff bracelet,leather bangles, it emphasizing your statement and style.One of the popular trend is to choose a Wristwatch as a focal point.

2.Play with Colors

Multiple colors can evoke this summer and a carefree mood, you can stack you focal point with multicolored beads, charm bracelets,tassels or leather bands. All the colors should work together with your outfit to avoid unexpected feelings.

3.Mix Different Materials and Styles
You can choose one kind of materials or styles like leather or mental bracelets, you can also express your fun tricks and ideas with different materials and styles, consider the overall style you want, for a dressy look, you can mix gemstone bracelets with sleek mental pieces, for a more casual and street look, you can try leather with different mental or colorful pieces.

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3.Stacking with a Upper Arm Cuff Bracelet

The upper arm cuffs is an exotic and cool trend that can make your multiple bracelet Integral with your outfit.it is a bold but worth trying stacking method for you.

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4.Organize the Order

How you order your multiple bracelet will directly affect the overall style and look, it will look clumsy and to much when two bigger bracelet are stuck side by side, instead you can put some thin bracelet in between.


Multiple bracelets beautify the arms of women all ages, and even man have pick up on this trend, There’s no limit to what you can do, let rock this summer with your multiple bracelets!