Father’s Day is a holiday honoring our father, which is celebrated by people all around the world. It is always said that a mother’s love is soft and tender like water, on the opposite side, a father’s love is silent and reliable just like a mountain. Dads seldom express their love to their children, instead, they just directly put words into action. For that reason, we don’t feel the love from our dad immediately and even blame him for not knowing us. But actually our dad's love is deep, constant and faithful! While dates and celebrations vary, Father’s Day traditionally involves presenting dads with cards, jewelry, and other gifts.


Beginning of the Father’s Day

Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1910, in Washington. This brilliant thought to dedicate a day to honor our dads’ hard work was advocated by Sonora Smart Dodd, a considerate daughter from Spokane, Washington. Her father Mr. William Smart, who lost his wife and never got married ever after, had done a tremendous great job singly raising his 6 children (including a newborn). Sonora Smart Dodd in order to thank her dad’s patience and love during her grownup hoped that there can be a special date to memorize her dad after he died in 1909. Therefore, with the help of the local religious leaders, the first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910. 


Ideal jewelry gift for your father 

You and your dad share an unbreakable bond. Make this Father's Day his most memorable yet with a timeless gift.
  • Custom photo dog tag necklace
U7 father'sday gift dog tag necklace
Custom military dog tag necklace first pop up in my head when it comes to the ideal jewelry gift for fathers. It is simple but classic for the front side with only words and love fullfilled with a custom picture on the back side. So it can fit with every outfits of your father. Military dog tag always reminds your dad the connection between you and him. A thoughtful image necklace as gift to loved ones.
  • Personalized black wax leather rope ID bracelet
u7 fathersday Personalized Custom Beads Braided Black Wax Leather Rope ID Bracelet
This bracelet is just like our dad's love, though it is simple, it still expresses emotions and feelings. You can add up to 5 beads to the bracelet if you have a big family! What's more, you can stack several bracelets to achieve a fashion style! If you are dad is a fashionable dad, then this personalized black wax leather rope id bracelet will be suitable!
  • Custom dog tag key chain

U7 fathersday dog tag key chain

A custom dog tag key chain is the best gift for those fathers who are not used to wearing jewelry like necklaces and bracelets. Imagine every time when your dad comes back home and opens the door with the keys which are printed with the family photo! Keys are the kind of stuff that everyone brings with them every day! So a custom key chain will be another ideal gift for your father! 

Actually what you give to your dad is not the most important thing. What matter is to express your love to him. If you are so shy to open your mouth, then a gift will be great. If you can confidently open your mouth and say" I love you, dad", then he will be happy too! As our father is getting old, I believe that the most thing he needs is our accompany! If you cannot be around him, then pick a piece of custom jewelry that can remind him of how much you love him and that is never changed! 

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