What is Memorial Day

Memorial Day (originally known as Decoration Day) is a federal holiday in the United States for mourning the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States armed forces. It is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly observed on May 30 from 1868 to 1970.


What can we buy on Memorial Day?

Long before Memorial Day is to commemorate the soldier. As the time filed, Memorial Day gradually becomes not only a day to remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect our country, but also a great opportunity to score deals on major appliances, mattresses, furniture, and tech devices like TVs, laptops, headphones, and smartwatches. Memorial Day can be seen as the unofficial start to summer, so you can find lots of good deals on jewelry, clothes, etc.


Ideas of getting memorable gift


  • Cross jewelry

Cross jewelry is a sign of Christianity and many people would wear cross jewelry to show their faith. But now the function of cross jewelry has expanded a bit. People consider cross jewelry also represents love and peace. You can wear them to remind yourself that war is cruel, so we need to cherish the peaceful life we had today thanks to our soldiers. And if you have someone who passed away and you want to remember them forever, cross jewelry is a good choice for most people. Also, you can wear them in your daily life to show your good wishes for peace and love. So cross jewelry is a perfect choice. 



Engraved Crucifix Cross Urn Necklace

It comes with 3 diffierent colors and you can also choose to engrave words on it to memorize the person youc cared.


Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

Simple but the class design makes it easier to accept by most the people even for those who don't believe in religion. If you are a loyalful catholic, wearing the cross necklace shows your faith in God. And if you just simply want to wear the cross necklace to show your style, then a simple necklace is great for you.


Adjustable Cross Ring

This adjustable ring melts the cross into the ring design to complete a super elegant piece of work! It's low-key but still shows its characters. If you want more than just normal cross jewelry like a necklace, then this ring can certainly satisfy your need.


  • Custom jewelry

Custom jewelry is the very direct accessory that helps you to remember someone. Nowadays a lot of people will choose fashionable custom jewelry to show their uniqueness but also to help them remember someone they cared about. U7 Jewelry has various custom jewelry, for example, custom name jewelry, custom picture jewelry, etc. So let’s check the following custom jewelry that we recommend!


 Heart Picture Locket With Diagonal Stripes

Pictures and words of course always help people to recall memories of theirs. Putting someone you care for or love in a necklace that you can wear every day is the sweetest thing ever. 


Dainty Engraved Custom Name ID Date Personalized Openable Bangle

A speical custom bangle that are engraved with name and date, is also an idea gift to purchase during the Memorial Day sale! This custom bangal comes with 3 different color: 18k gold, platinum, and rose gold!  


Military Dog Tag Necklace 

When it comes to the most effective way to engrave on jewelry, dog tag necklace is the first thing that comes to people's mind. Dog tag was first used by the milltary to recorded the identity of soilders who were killed during the war. Nowadays, people will use dog tag necklace to record informations of their loved one, like name, memoray date, etc.



Memorial Day is a date to commemorate the soldiers who did huge sacrifices for our country for today's peace. If you want to buy some memorial things to remember them or the one you really cared for, then custom jewelry will be a great choice for that you can engrave words or put their photo into the jewelry. And if you just simply want to purchase some fashionable pieces, then U7 also has all types of jewelry you need!