Are you ready to get your gang chains? You can spend less than 25 dollars instead of 25k to get your gang chains. Recently we have launched our new gang chains collection for all chain lovers. Chains can never be too much, the more, the bigger the better. Lets check our new collection big ass gang chains!

Gang Chains-UZI Chain

With meticulous attention to details,we have designed this vintage Uzi piece (a perfect a perfect replica of Uzi) with delicate wheat chain, we polished and gild the surface with a thick layer of authentic 18k gold to add a rich golden color.The chain is 20 inches with 2 inches resizable, it will be a supper cool gang chains for your wardrobe, it can match your simple black T-shirt.

18k gold plated uzi pendent necklace

Gang Chains-AK47 Chain

Are you a gangster, Get this AK47 pendant chain necklace around you neck, you are the big boss in your area.

AK47 inspired pendant necklace

Gang Chains-Machine Gun Chain

This machine gun pendant necklace is a piece for every preference, make your fashion statement with this gang chains. a must have piece for your chain collection.

gold plated automatic machine gun design pendant necklace

Gang Chains- Handgun Chain

This piece is our top selling, it contains all the part of a handgun should have. You can check our showing video of this piece.

Which one is your favorite? Share with us!

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