Egyptian jewelry is the meaningful accessory worn by Ancient Egyptian to adore the beauty of men and women, to show their status,power and also used as personal protection. All the fresco of Egypt has showed the beauty of cuff bracelet, earrings, head wear, collars,pendant necklace and rings. Today, Egyptian Jewelry still has a strong influence in jewel we picked some of our classic Egyptian inspired jewel collection for you!

Egyptian Jewelry in Ancient Egypt

When looking at a piece of ancient Egyptian jewelry is like admiring a piece of art and culture, Every piece was given with special meaning and faith by Egyptians, the inspirations are from the respect and honor to Gods and Goddess(like ATUM-RA, SHU & HORUS), animals and insects. Egyptian jewelry is as important as eye make up for men and women to show their beauty and power, and also believed as immortal piece for afterlife. The beautify collars, cuff bracelets, rings and pendant are made from precious metals god and glass beads, and semiprecious stone.some are also made from alloy of gold silver and copper.

This year, we can see the back of Egypt jewelry in fashion runways with edgy and modern designs, which fulfilled all desires for wearable art!

Top 4 Best Egyptian Inspired Jewelry For You

Egypt Pharaoh Head Designed Pendant Necklace

The Pharaoh has been immortalized as one of the powerful figures throughout Egyptian history. The Pharaoh head designed pendant necklace is also the best love of fashion icons and rappers. This bling piece is inlaid with bling CZ and plated with authentic 18k gold.

Gold Egypt Pharaoh Head Pendant Necklace

Egyptian Jewelry For You-Ankh Cross Pendant Necklace

The ankh is the most representative symbol of Egypt which represent mortal and fertility, and believed as the promise of everlasting life. This Ankh cross pendant necklace is with classic and Minimalist design. A lovely piece of art for you.

gold plated classic Ankh Cross pendant wheat chain necklace

Egyptian Jewelry For You-Queen Nefertiti Designed Pendant Necklace

Egyptian Queen Nefertiti was a Egyptian queen and also famous Pharaoh who was known for religious revolution in 1300 BC Egypt.This pendant necklace are with careful craftsmanship to capture the beauty of bust of Nefertiti. A detailed charm necklace for all girls.

bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti pendant necklace

Egyptian Jewelry For You-Eyes of Horus Pendent Necklace

Eyes of Horus is symbolizing protection, power and good health, This Eyes of Horus pendant necklace is a lucky amulet for you.

Eyes of Horus pendant necklace

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