Nowadays Women is the main force in every business areas and the garment, office jewelry they wear bring colors to the office. Yet, office is a public place where the flashy and too distracting jewel are not the right choice for business women to wear. So if you want to look Impeccable and modern but don't overdo the froufrou. The discreet office jewelry is your best friend. today we bring some of our top best office jewelry to look like you mean business and chic at the same time.

Office Jewelry For Business Women-Small Tips On Choosing Your Office Jewelry

Did you have the moment when your colleague frown and looking at you when your bangles Clinking, the wrong office jewelry will get in your way and let others doubt about your judgement. Here are some tips you can pay attention to before choosing your office jewelry.

Observing What Your Boss or Your Boss’s Boss Wear

You will never crossing the line if you pay attention to what your boss wear. it is smart rather than flattering.

Less is more

Less is more, no more than three piece of office jewelry when you are working, try to avoid laying your bangles to make annoying noise or laying too much rings to look too busy. Unless you are working in fashion magazine, you can wear as much as you prefer to look chic and stylish.

Here is Our Top 4 office Jewelry for Business Women

Office Jewelry For Business Women-Hoop Earrings

small chunky hoop earrings U7 Jewelry
Office Jewelry For Business Women-Minimalist ABC Choker Necklace

Initials pendant necklace

Office Jewelry For Business Women-Pearl Earrings

Synthetic pearls earrings and necklace

Office Jewelry For Business Women-Light Weight Gold Plated Rings

gold plated ring with bling crystal

Which office jewelry piece is your favorite, leave your comment in below.