Did you get confused when the guy never call you after the dating, There must be something wrong, Dating is much harder and an kind of skill which need ones’ effort, so how to make your dating successful and amazing ? Here we bring you some great tips for dating.

Tips for Dating-First impression is very important

Though we always heard men said: i love the way you are. Please don’t naturally think he mean it, the first impression is very important.
Makeup is the basic for dating, but it is too much to wear heavy makeup,Just wear your soft daily nature makeup to look confident and tempting. Pick up your favorite eye catching dress, and don’t forget choose some jewelry to show your fashion taste and personality. No need for flashy Luxury, a pair of drop earrings or a detailed statement necklace is charming enough to add point for your overlook.

charm drop earrings and statement necklace

Tips for Dating-Be Interesting And Fun

Men like the one who bring him fresh feeling, happiness,and tend to like the one who cares about themselves. So don’t be too shy to break the ice of the dating, he maybe more nervous than you are, so be confident and be interesting during dating.

Tips for Dating-Turning Your Phone Off

First show your respect to your date by turning off your phone to avoid any disturb, it is a worse offended manner of texting all the time during dating, it will definitely ruin everything.

Tips for Dating-Start A Topic

You can start a topic by asking some questions about his hobby, where he grow up. It is a great way to create a easy and relaxing atmosphere, at the same time get to know him better. He will take it as a signal that you are interested in him. Talking jokes is not always be men part, you can talk some jokes you hear in your daily life, but avoid any mean jokes or Racial discrimination or judges of other. Be nice and cool.

Get away from the Minefield like the topic of your Exes which will cause uncomfortable feeling that you are not over your Exes.

Tips for Dating-Physical Contact and Eye Contact

The appropriate physical contact is a chemical move for both of you, when talking, you can naturally touch his arms, it is tricky way to feel his muscle and feel closer to each other. Eye contact also do a great part in dating, you can know whether he is driving by love or by desire, if he has a good and sparkle eye contact with you, you can know he cares about you in the first place.

Tips for Dating-Ask For Simple Food

Ask for simple food and desert, at least you don’t want to be spiting the food or with the food stuck on your teeth when talking.and also you can spare more time for eye contact. Never frown if the first dating is not in a fancy restaurant, maybe he just want to saw your feedback to know you.

Tips for Dating-Offer To Split The Check

Though most men are willing to pay, they also like the one who offer to split the check, there will be no pressure for next date and it is also a good way to show you really like to spend time with him.

Though dating maybe a hard process for you, but believe me, you can be a master after practise and learning some dating tips!