This season, minimalist necklace has been brought back to runways for its’ potential capacity to finish any look. Minimalist Necklace is designed with simple, basic and nature forms, colors and modern classic styles. it captured the beauty of shape,lines,dimensions and monochromatic by excluding the unnecessary. Are you ready to try the postmodern minimalist necklace? Here we bring some affordable minimalist design to refresh your look.

Minimalist Necklace For You-Vintage Metal Collar

This minimalist inspired Vintage metal collar is made from the industrial materials copper and grilled with 18k gold. You can never go wrong with the vintage minimalist metal collar, The round hoop is a infinite piece for your minimalist style. It is a good start for new Minimalist to get some vibes and adorn their retro look.

vintage and classic minimalist design metal collar

Minimalist Necklace For You-Classic Bar Necklace

One benefit about minimalist jewel is its simple design let mix and match and laying look chic instead of overdone, this Bar Necklace is engravable and with delicate thin Rolo chain, you can create your edgy look by laying with other thin pendant necklace.

engrave nave bar necklace U7 jewelry

Minimalist Necklace For You-Gold Plated Link Chains

I think Minimalist is not a way of self-expression but make the simple element of our daily life stand out,like the sculpture of the building (The Tiffany T jewelry collection)or the element of the industrial, The minimalist link chain has captured the sturdy feature and simple shape of the machinery chains and It’s cold and edgy design made it overpass other accessories to become the most adored jewel for fashion icons and celebrities.

golden cable link chain

Minimalist necklace sure will bring people comfortable and real feeling ! whats more, Minimalist is not just submerged in fashion area, but also in the way of people's thinking, Minimalist life style is to choose a casual and cozy way to keep thing simple,clean with no dazzling,complex or flashy part, as nature as it born to be.I love Minimalist, what about your?