Every piece of the land is the gift of our planet, each mountain, each tree and each river, continent are the valuable treasures the planet give us. We are grateful and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and abundant natural resources of the land. How about putting on one piece of map necklace to express you love and thanks to the land you grow up, the land you have traveled with good memories, the land you dreamed to live. Inspired by this idea, we developed our map necklace collection to convey our Awe and love to each piece of land and continent.

Africa Map Necklace

beautiful landscape of Africa

African is a wonderland which has been kept closest to nature, an oasis for all the wildlife and Africans, one the biggest tropical Rainforest of the planet-the Congo is the heaven for all kinds of plants and animals. The third largest hot desert Sahara Desert and the longest river Nile are in Africa. Africa is a miracle and art of the nature. You will know how beautiful Africa is if you have watched the movie “Out of Africa”, Do you love Africa, why not collect a Africa map necklace!

the camels in Sahara Desert

U7 jewelry Africa map designed pendant necklace collection

Map Necklace For You-USA Map Necklace

United States of America is one the democratic federal republic which all ideas and value are accepted and heard.Human rights are respected and protect with honor. Thought without of long History, but with flourished piece of art, literature and remarkable advanced Technologies. It consist 50 states and each states are a cozy and dream place for all, New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco all are prosperous places to live. It is proud to wear a USA map necklace, don’t you think?

united states map pendant necklace with CZ stones


Map Necklace For You-Italy Map Necklace

Italy is acknowledged as the birthplace of the western culture which famous for its cuisine, fashion and beautiful coast and mountains: Alps and Apennines.Needless to say, Rome is a longing place for all tourists. Wearing a piece of Italy map necklace to express your love for this romantic country!
Italy inspired gold plated pendant necklace

Map Necklace For You-India Map Necklace

India is one of the four Ancient civilization country and the home for Buddhism, it thrills us with its art and architecture. To be honest, I am dreaming to travel to India in the future for see the great masterpiece of nature and mankind! This India map necklace is my favorite which is with clear Geographical boundary and polished golden surface, thin Rolo chain.

India map designed pendant necklace

We also have more map necklace for other countries, you can check here to pick one of your favorite.