You may have had various types of necklaces with different shapes or pendants which perform well and chic look in both formal and casual outfits. And those different necklaces may popular in a certain period then outdated or disappeared. However, some trends will come and go, some are here to stick forever. Below 10 chain necklaces are trendy over time despite how trends go.


  • Anchor/Mariner Chain Necklace

Inspired by the nautical world, this chain necklace gets its name from the chains that are connected to the anchors. Featured interlocking ovals with a bar that goes across the center of each of the ovals, it is sturdy and strong as well as can be worn as a standalone necklace or accessorize it with a pendant you like.

mariner chain necklace


  • Ball/Bead Chain Necklace

The ball bead chain necklace is made of a series of small beads to link a longer chain. It usually pairs with a dog tag or pendant since it is not quite good to wear as a standalone necklace.


  • Cable Chain Necklace

It is the most basic types of necklace for men. A series of oval link interconnected into a simple but classic chain necklace offers a stylish and chic look.


  • Box Chain Necklace

Its geometric simplicity makes the box chain much love by people. The interconnected links of open boxes or cubes provide a sturdy, yet classically smooth, sleek, and uniform appearance.


  • Rope Chain Necklace

A rope chain consists of several small links which pattern the shape of a rope. The disadvantage of this chain is that, when one link does break, the rest of the chain might follow in succession.

The style is immensely popular throughout the world, especially popular within the Hip hop community.


  • Cuban Chain Necklace

The Cuban link chain is a variation of cable chain with oval-shaped links and added decorative detail in the form of a twisting rope-like pattern cut into each link. The greatest variety of widths of Cuban chain range from a few millimeters up to several centimeters.


  • Figaro Chain Necklace

Typically, the Figaro chain will have many standard links (usually three) that precede an elongated link all the way through, creating an attractive repeating pattern for the length of the chain. It is originated in Italy and is named after the popular Italian opera The Marriage of Figaro.


  • Singapore Chain Necklace

It is constructed using a series of flat diamond cut chain links. Usually, it is very fine and has a liquid-like look which results in a chain with links that reflect light from different angles, giving the chain a sparkling appearance.


  • Snake Chain Necklace

Snake chains, made up of smooth round metal plates or bands with a slight curve at their middle points, are tightly joined together to form a flexible appearance. It has a virtually closed surface profile which makes for a very elegant and flexible chain perfect for displaying a pendant.


  • Rolo Chain Necklace

Rolo chain is made up of oval or round links joined in a simple alternating sequence, giving it a heavy, sturdy appearance. It is better to go with a pendant instead of wearing it alone.



If you tend to have a timeless necklace to blend well with any looks on casual or fancy occasions. Above 10 basic yet classic chain necklaces are great choices for you. So which one you mostly prefer? Looking forward to seeing your comment below.