We can see all gold plated objects in our daily life from big voyage space craft to jewelry, small parts of circuit board, but do you know what it means for a piece to be gold plated ? Today lets find out what is it and the daily use of it.

1.What is Gold Plated
Gold plated is one kind of method of covering the ordinary metal brass,copper or silver with a layer of real gold using chemical or electrochemical plating. The thickness of gold is varied depending on the usage and decided the quality of the object.

2.Origin of Gold Plated
The first well known gold plated object was found in northern Peru, while pre-Columbian made the silvered copper objects by using electrochemical replacement techniques. In late 1980s, some gold and silver ceremonial artifacts were found which dated back to AD 50–300. but it is not until 1803 did professor Luigi Brugnatell successfully realize electroplating which rely on Volta's Pile experiment.

3.Gold Plated Use in Our Daily Life
Gold plated techniques has been used in many areas like decoration and Industrial value, it has been widely used in Precision instrument,circuit board,integrated circuit and electrical contacts for its Superiority in ductility, easy polishing,high temperature resistance and good anti-tarnish properties. these things may be rare to see in our daily life, but the amazing use is in art craft and especially in jewelry. the gold plated jewelry does not have rich color but also with affordable prices, more and more young prefer buying it instead of real gold jewelry. There are so many types like 14K,18k,24K gold plated in the market.

3.Gold Plated Jewelry
There are variety designs of gold plated jewelry selling online and offline, like charm chain necklace,bracelet, earrings, anklet and brooches.all are with good craftsmanship and I bet you must have one piece in your jewelry box. If you don't, you can also choose and buy one from U7 jewelry.


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Gold Plated Jewelry Necklace Pendant

4.Will Gold Plated Jewelry Tarnish Very Easily?
When it comes to gold plated jewelry, the first thing people would ask is will it tarnish easily, how long will it last, I also googled it when i get my first piece, it depends on the thickness of the gold layer and how you preserve it, usually the gold layer is not less than 5 microns. some are even thicker. If you got a piece, you should keep it from harsh objects to avoid scratches, keep away from the liquid, wear it after your perfume and body lotion is dried, you could put it in warm soapy water to clean it. It is better to put it in soft small bags made of velvet.


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5.Does Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything?
You may think gold plated jewelry does not worth anything because the value, but the high quality of craftsmanship is one kind of art, don’t you think?

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