Hamsa hand is a symbol of peace in war-tone Middle east,Jews and Arabs are wearing Hamsa hand amulet or jewel to express their same standpoint for hope and peace.What special meaning behind hamsa hand that makes it so special and popular among two different religions? We can get the answer from the meaning, origin and symbolic meaning of hamsa hand!

What is Hamsa Hand ?

Hamsa hand is a open right palm shaped (with two symmetrical thumbs) symbol wildly used in Middle East,North American as amulet in jewel,wall hangings and believed by Jewish and Muslim to drive away the bad luck of the Evil Eye. It has variety Pattern designs in different culture, but worldly believed as the hand of god which can bring happiness,health and power.

blue color hamsa hand with evil eye embroidery

Origin of Hamsa Hand

Hamsa hand is origin from ancient Mesopotamia and be considered as a protective sign to ward off bad luck of evil eyes, at the same time offering protection for Female entity.

Symbolic Meaning of Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Hand-Hand of Fatima in Islamic Culture

In islamic tradition, Hamsa hand is Hand of Fatima which symbolize the Five Pillars of Islam for Sunnies and named to daughter of Muhammad Fatima Zahra, there is story behind it, it is said that Fatima was depressed after see her husband Ali bring his new wife back home then accident drop the spoon unintentionally stirring hot food with her hand. Since then Fatima hand has been used as a symbol of patience and faithfulness.

hamsa hand embroidery

Hamsa Hand-Hand of Miriam in Jewish

Jews refer hamsa hand as hand of Miriam(sister of Moses and Aaron) which symbolizing the hand of God, hamsa means five moreover represents five books of the Torah, usually Hamsa hand amlet,jewelry or art craft you seen in Israel are with a evil eye or Star of David centered in.

Hamsa Hand in Daily Life

Hamsa Hand appear in ever corner of our daily life, From hamsa hand amulet to decorations, souvenirs,door knocker and wall drawings. People hanging it in their car and baby carriage. Bold Young generations also tattoo it on their hand or backs to show their love for hamsa hand.It is also the Inspiration of fashion jewel designers, A variety charm bracelets, necklace are designed with detailed hamsa hand pendant.

hamsa hand designed door knocker

hamsa hand tattoo on arm

hamsa hand inspired pendant necklace and bracelet

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