Psychologists say that women's preferences on jewelry can reflect her personality. From the perspective of jewelry, it mainly depends on what materials, colors and patterns that women like jewelry.

Jewelry Psychology

1. Jewelry material reveals psychology

(1) Silver jewelry: The person who likes to wear silver jewelry is usually an orderly person who likes to do things according to pre-established rules, especially daily routine work, and does not like to surprise people suddenly.​​

(2) Gold jewelry: People who wear gold jewelry are often a confident, outgoing and friendly person. If you only wear a little gold jewelry, such as only a pair of earrings, a necklace, or just a gold bracelet, it means that you have a taste for appreciating good things, but your personality is not too outgoing, which means that such people will pay attention to restrain themselves and are not casual people.

(3) Colorful jewelry: Women who like to wear colored gemstones, such as tourmaline, ruby, sapphire, crystal, etc, prefer romance, rich personality, and life is full of fun.​​

(4) Diamond Jewelry: When staring at a diamond, you will see the change of fire due to the change of the light source, so diamonds, especially diamonds with a certain volume, can win the unconscious attention of people around them. People who prefer diamonds do not care about the expression of their own connotation by accessories, but more about the attraction function of accessories to others.​​

u7 jewelry necklace

2. Jewelry shape reveals character

(1) Oval-shaped jewelry: It is favored by women who have strong independence and creativity, whether in life or in career, and are often admired and reused by their bosses.​​

(2) Heart-shaped jewelry: It is favored by women who are meticulous, considerate, romantic, lively, emotional, and feminine.​​

(3) Small geometric pattern jewelry: usually the favorite of lively and active women.​​

(4) Jewelry with exaggerated shape: Most of them are carefree, have a good sense of humor, and like to stand out among the crowd as the first choice for women.​​

(5) Streamlined, slender and concise jewelry: it can attract women who are delicate, docile and soft.​​

(6) Round jewelry: Women are more traditional, have a strong family concept, and have a certain degree of dependence, but they are more content and have a quiet personality.​​

(7) Rectangular or square jewelry: it is the favorite of women who are serious in life, well-organized, honest and strong.

U7 jewelry shape


3. Jewelry color implies inner

(1) Purple: Purple is visually the most sexy, both warm and less straightforward. Women who like purple jewelry are longing, rich and introverted, and most of them have a sense of hierarchy in their personality. You can easily tell whether she is working on business or thinking wildly.​​

(2) Red: Red jewelry will make the wearer look enthusiastic. Most people who like red jewelry are outgoing and lively people, and its own color can easily make others feel the unrestrainedness of the wearer. Most of these people are full of expectations for life, a little like self-expression, and do not want to be a supporting role.​​

(3) Blue: Blue looks a bit cool, but it is also a relatively pure color. Most of the people who like to wear blue jewelry are relatively indifferent, and they rarely experience emotional fluctuations because of the outside world. Reason is greater than sensibility.​​

(4) White: White jewelry is not ostentatious, but it is deep and soft, and it is the first choice for aesthetes with certain self-cultivation. People who prefer white jewelry have a relatively peaceful personality. They are kind and stable to those who have a good impression. They are polite and estranged and ignore those who are disgusted. Most of them are good wives and mothers rather than revolutionary pioneers.

 Jewelry color