Jewelry has always been the most irresistible object for women. It has nothing to do with a woman's status, money, or appearance. Jewelry is the constant love of women from all walks of life, with no end, no boundaries and no saturation. Just because of the infinite happiness that jewelry brings to women.​

U7 jewelry for women

1. Jewelry brings favor to women

Xuanji Yu, a famous lady in the Tang Dynasty, said: It is easy to seek priceless treasures, but it is rare to have a lover. Taiwanese supermodel Guangmei Meng once said: You can't buy jewelry yourself. A woman devotes every inch of her heart and youth to her beloved, Jewelry is the most appropriate magic weapon to show love by her lover. He spends a lot of money for you and only makes you smile; he puts on a ring for you and holds hands for you; he hangs a pendant for you and kisses a strand of your hair lightly; he puts on a bracelet for you to thank you for being with you in this life. Even Napoleon wanted to use a crown of jewels to please his queen. Jewelry given by love means pampering to women.​​

2. Jewelry brings taste to women

Shu Yi once said that a truly confident woman never tells others where she has been, who she has seen, and what jewelry she has bought. Such a woman is truly tasteful, she has a unique eye, and can choose the jewelry that can best set off her and have the most room for appreciation. Such a woman can also arrange her own life and perform every role in her life perfectly. They continue to enrich themselves, cultivate their body and mind, and never let go of jewelry they really love.​​

3. Jewelry brings happiness to women

Maggie Cheung, who has been an endorsement for many jewelry brands, once had a soft spot for a pendant. She even said: This pendant is too cute. It would be better if you could change clothes like Barbie. For her words, a friend spent 9 months designing a set of seven new clothes, even including a jewelry diaper for pendants, and this super kawaii jewelry has only 88 sets in the world. While jewelry is beautiful, its high price often adds to a woman's sense of heaviness. Women should not be dragged down by jewelry, it is the most important thing to let jewelry add more youth and happiness to themselves.​​

4. Jewelry brings infatuation to women

Women are obsessed with jewelry, and it's justified. Even if the heroine in "Titanic" didn't love her fiancé, her eyes lit up when she saw him take out the Heart of the Ocean. Jewelry for women, the degree of infatuation and yearning is often far beyond the value it can create. The wild and sexy Italian beauty Monica Bellucci is very obsessed with jewelry. She once said: A beautiful woman, wearing the right jewelry is the complement, and wearing the wrong jewelry is the icing on the cake. Anyway, as long as it is jewelry, there is nothing that prevents women from shining.​​


5. Jewelry brings accompany to women

In 2003, Marilyn Monroe's jewelry was accidentally stolen during an exhibition at London's Canty Hall Art Gallery. The two pieces of jewelry stolen are a gold ring inlaid with the first letter M of Monroe's English name and a diamond shape, and the other is a gold bracelet studded with diamonds. The total value is estimated to be 40,000 pounds. These are all very favorites of Monroe during her lifetime, and she often wears them to various occasions. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Monroe once clamored to marry a millionaire and regarded jewelry as her confidant. And the men around her, from American presidents to Arab princes, do have plenty of millionaires to choose from. But even to death, none of these men gave Monroe the marriage life she longed for. Only her beloved jewelry accompanied her through the last moment of her life.​​

Marilyn Monroe's jewelry

6. Jewelry brings beauty to women

Did you know that Princess Diana's famous Tears Crown, taking pearls also means tears for her beauty. The tiara was given to her by Queen Mary as a wedding gift in 1981. Against the backdrop of this crown, Princess Diana's beauty is revealed. Princess Diana once revealed that she loves this crown very much, and often finds it to match when she needs to wear a crown. Jewelry is given to women, and beautiful jewelry can set off a woman's nobility, softness and manners. These darling jewelry can add a lot to your beauty.​​

Princess Diana's famous Tears Crown

In fact, whether it's a goddess, a queen, or a cute girl, gems are a must-kill weapon for women! You see Cinderella wearing a crystal slipper and immediately became a princess, and then was discovered and admired by the prince... So girls, now you should understand the importance of wearing jewelry.