In today's society, jewelry is no longer such an unreachable item. Every holiday, Valentine's Day or a simple birthday, many boys will give jewelry to girls. Jewelry is naturally very attractive to women. They use jewelry as a person's emotional sustenance and beautiful lovesickness. It not only represents a person's love, but more often it contains expectations and hopes for the future.

But many boys often don't know what girls like, what jewelry to give to their girlfriend? This has become a headache for many boys, here U7 will share with you what jewelry is the most suitable for girlfriend?

different types of jewelry

There are many types of jewelry, depending on the style, there are necklaces, anklets, rings, bracelets, earrings and so on. According to different materials, there are gold, K gold, platinum, silver ornaments, diamonds, gemstones, pearls and so on.

Giving jewelry does not mean that you can just choose a piece of jewelry and give it to your lover. For example, a ring, in order to surprise the other party, you bought a platinum ring for her without knowing her ring size. She will be pleasantly surprised at first, but when the ring size is inappropriate, she may think that you bought it for others and gave it to her if others don't want it, then this is a disaster for you.

ring size for women 

So giving rings is not the first choice for couples. But a necklace with adjustable length is a good choice.

Necklaces can be the main types of gold necklaces in gold, gold with diamonds, and gold with pearls. Secondly, you should also choose according to the style.

For example, a quiet and shy girl likes low-key and elegant accessories, choosing diamond rings or necklaces. Compared with gold, the matching of diamonds will naturally add a lot of color.

If it's a lively and youthful girl, she generally has no resistance to gold, and that kind of shining beauty is naturally her favorite.

Beauties with temperament and connotation prefer things with weight, such as jade bracelets. As the saying goes, jade nourishes people, and the more they are raised, the more energetic they become. Her temperament is radiated from the inside out, giving people a delicate feeling.

Delicate girls prefer colored diamonds or jewelry with unique designs, which are full of charm when matched with their own outfits.

U7 jewelry layered necklaces


If your own budget is relatively high, you can choose international big names that everyone is very familiar with, such as Tiffany, Bulgari, Cartier and other jewelry. If your girlfriend is a girl who pays great attention to her quality of life, doesn't follow famous brands, and likes to choose according to her own style, it means that your girlfriend cares about her taste very much. In this case, your girlfriend is more suitable to take the route of niche brands, just like bags, many niche independent brands are welcomed by major fashion bloggers.

So when choosing jewelry for your girlfriend, you still have to look at the overall design style and material. If your financial conditions permit, you still have to buy a jewelry with better materials and a sense of design.


The last thing to remind is: No matter what kind of gift to buy, the man must buy it according to his financial ability. He must not buy a jewelry that is far beyond his ability just to please a woman. Find the best affordable jewelry pieces for the one you loved, show now from here!