One of the most frequently asked questions about plated jewelry is; “How long will the plating last?”


“plating” is shorthand for electroplating. This means that gold, rose gold, or rhodium plated jewelry is covered by a thin layer of the respective metal using a special process that combines chemistry and electricity. Dipping the jewelry in a chemical solution which contains either gold, rose gold, or rhodium and applying electricity, a thin layer of the metal grows on the jewelry piece.


How long does a U7 gold plated chain last ?

How long a piece lasts depend on certain factors namely;

*Degree of care

* the thickness of the plating

* Friction of the jewelry and more.

18K Gold Plated Punk Chain Necklace Men Jewelry 6MM Long Cuban Link Chain Necklace

Degree of care (how to care your plated jewelry)

Taking good care your plated jewelry is very important. How well you take care of your pieces determines how long they last. This also applies to solid gold and all kind of jewelry. To read more on how to take care of your plated jewelry


Thickness of the plating

All our products are plated with 2 layer thicker 18K real gold/platinum better technology on the surface. This makes our plated jewelry more superior and last longer than ordinary plated jewelry. Thicker plating layers last longer.

18K Real Gold/Platinum Plated Bracelet Punk Style Thick Chain Link Bracelet Men Jewelry

Friction of the jewelry and others.

Even if I knew the thickness, the best I could say is, U7 Gold chain will last longer than rings and other. However, it all depends on how often the piece is worn and the conditions of that time when worn. ring has the greatest friction so probably it will wear out first.

Follow the above factors, we can guarantee U7 gold plated chain last 1- 3 years without any problem.

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