Most people love to buy 18k gold plated jewelry, it is reported that 1% will buy expensive pure gold jewelry for wedding or important occasion,99% will choose buy 18k gold plated jewelry. They also want to wear their 18k gold plated jewelry for a long time on the basic of cheap price. Then, How to care for 18k gold Plated jewelry ? That is our topic .


How to care for 18k gold Plated jewelry---Avoid liquid

  • Sweating is a common thing in summer, but u had better not wear your 18k gold plated jewelry in summer , Sweat corrosion your jewelry .
  • The chlorine and other chemicals added to swimming pools and hot tubs can also produce adverse effects.
  • Ocean salt water can effect plating, as well. The ocean thing is a long shot, but if you swim regularly in the ocean it will speed the breakdown of your plating.
  • Avoid soap water and acid Alkaline liquid
  • When u have a shower, pls remember to take off your jewelry .

How to care for 18k gold Plated jewelry---cleaning

18k gold Plated jewelry should be cleaned periodically. Even if you’re sure your ring hasn’t been exposed to any of the aforementioned substances, it’s been in contact with your skin—which does perspire. U can go to professional jewelry store or u can do it by yourself, soft toothbrush is Okay. If you need to use toothpaste use a gentle one with no whitening agents or abrasives in it. Be gently ,gently,gently @.@

How to care for 18k gold Plated jewelry---Avoid hard friction

If u have cuff bracelets or sizable band ring, pls be careful , avoid to Deformation and fracture . And do not rub against hard or rough objects to avoid scratches. Avoid overloading.


18k gold plated jewelry


How to care for 18k gold Plated jewelry---Maintenance

Before u sleep, u had better take off your jewelry, good for your health and jewelry.

Choose good quality flannel to wipe your jewelry so that your jewelry can keep shine and stunning.Pls put your 18k gold plated jewelry in the Sealed bags and boxes when u don’t want to wear. Avoid to air .

 Girls Bracelet from U7 Jewelry

If u care for your 18k gold plated jewelry well, u can wear them for 1 or 2 year. Also, some bad gold plated will make u allergy so pls choose good brand jewelry,like U7 Jewelry or alexandani , Jewelry Comply With EU Environmental Standards .