Gold chains are stylish jewelry trend not only popular among rappers and punks, they are frequently worn by everyone including men and women today due to its chunky and stunning styles and designs. They can add a cool touch to your personal style and overall casual attires. In the previous post, we have discussed top 10 classic and chic men’s gold chains for trendy wear. In this article, we are going to discuss how to choose a right gold chain and how to style a gold chain necklace in a much proper and cool way.

Types Of Gold Chains For Men

There are 10 basic types of chain necklaces as discussed in our previous blog Get To Know 10 Classic Chain Necklaces. Below we listed some most common and fashionable gold chains that you must find one suitable for you.

  • Herringbone Chain

Herringbone Chain

  • Cuban Curb Chain

Cuban Curb Chain Gold

  • Figaro Gold Chain

Figaro Chain Necklace

  • Two Tone Figaro Chain Beaded Chain

Beaded Chain

  • Rope Chain

Rope Chain Necklace

  • Franco Chain

Franco Chain Gold

What Type of Gold Chains Should You Choose?

There are various types and styles of gold chains in the current market. To choose a gold chain suitable for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Q1: What Type of Gold Chain You Are After?

If you prefer chunky gold chains to make a statement, you can try thicker Miami Cuban link chains, Marine chains or Herringbone chains then pair them with a turtleneck, a printed T-shirt or a black jacket with a cap to create a cool feel. If minimalist is your taste, dainty and subtle gold chains like rope chains, rolo chains, Singapore chain should be great choices. Just wear the subtle chains on your neck alone, this delicate gold chain pieces would add a versatile touch to your outfits wherever you are going. If you are still thinking what type of chain is suitable for you,read our post for top 10 popular gold chains or explore our wide collections of gold chains from which you can find one suitable for your personal style.

Q2: What Is the Style of Your Wardrobe?

Though gold chains can pair with nearly all kinds of outfits, you also need to know some more fashionable wearing ways. It is not recommended to get a choker if you have many turtlenecks as a choker can only perfectly pair with outfits showing your collar or neck. Gold chains can beautifully match outfits like black or white round T-shirt, jacket, Parker coat, neck scarf depending on the way you wear.

Q3:What Is Your Face Shape?

face shape

It is not recommended to wear a bold and short gold chain if you have a round face because it will make your face look rounder. A slim gold chain will be suitable for ones with round face  to  slim down the round face while short gold chains look good to ones with thin face. Besides, ones with a long and thin face shape is not recommended to wear long necklace. 

What Length of Gold Chains Should You Wear?

When shopping gold chains online, you might find there are many sizes from 14 inches to 30 inches or more and you do not know which one is the right size for you. Choosing a wrong length would look odd and affect your overall style. So how can you choose the right length for your neck? You need to take the following things into consideration.

First, you need to know the standard necklace lengths of men and women. Please see the below tables for information.

 Standard Necklace Lengths for Men


Standard Necklace Lengths for Women

Second, you need to keep in mind that what look you would like to create with the men’s gold chains. If you would like to create a choker look, a man should choose lengths between 14 inches to 18 inches. This choker length necklace can perfectly pair with a crew neck, a jacket or a turtleneck. Gold chains for men between 20 inches and 24 inches are the most common lengths for men. Charms or pendants are usually added with chain necklaces with these lengths. If you would like your gold chain to make a statement or create a cool and punk style, you can choose gold chains whose lengths are between 25 inches to 30 inches or more, chains with these lengths can add a cool feel to your look and will take your whole outfit to the next level.


How to Measure Your Own Neck Size?

The above tables only tell the standard necklace lengths for average men and women. However different people will have different neck sizes. To choose the best chain necklace, you need to know the size of your neck. Just use a measuring tape and place it around your neck to get the right size of your neck. It is recommended to add another 2 to 5 inches, in this way, it will be more comfortable to wear. Or you can choose gold chains with adjustable rolo chains when buying online.


What Width of Gold Chains Should You Wear?

gold chains size

Same as the length of gold chains, the thickness of gold chains is also an important factor you need to consider. Chains with different widths will create different looks to your outfits. If you want to achieve a dainty and subtle look, choose one between 1mm to 6mm. Gold chains whose widths between 6mm to 10mm are middle range for men. Many rockers, hip hoppers and rappers will wear bold gold chains whose thickness is above 12mm to create a punk and rock touch.


How to Style Gold Chains?

There are various timeless ways to wear gold chains necklaces. However, before deciding how to wear gold chains, you need to make sure you know what style you are after like subtle style or an eye-catching one. Different types of gold chains can be worn in different fashion ways. Here are 4 common ways can rock your gold chains in style.

1. Wear A Gold Chain On its Own

Less is more, keep it simple and just wear a single gold chain on your neck as a statement piece. For women, you can wear a bold cable link chain, a large Figaro or curb chain falls on your collarbone and pair it with off-shoulder attires to show off your collarbone. Both men and women can try wearing a slim or chunky gold chain alone and matching it with an oversized white T-Shirt or a black turtleneck . This subtle style of wearing adds a modern edge to your whole look without overdoing it.

gold chain for women


2. Layer Gold Chains of Different Lengths & Thickness

Stack your gold chains of varying lengths and sizes to create a fun and cool touch. For example, you can wear a 3m-18m 18 inches gold chain that reaches your collarbone and wear a 12m-16m 22 inches-24 inches gold chain sits at your chest. You can pair your chunky gold chains with some dainty and versatile gold chain pieces. For women, you can pair the layered gold chains with an off shoulder in which way you are able to add elegant tone to your neck. It looks great for men to  stack the gold chains and pair them with a white or black round tee or any other outfits you like.

gold chain for women


3Wear With Necklaces of Other Types

Mix your slim or bold gold chain necklaces with other favorite necklaces with pendants like cross, dog tag, initial, Jesus piece or any charms you are going for. This mixed style of wearing would create a timeless and sleek look.

gold chain for men and women


4. Style Gold Chains With Pendants

Add a big or small pendant to your Cuban link chain, cable chain, wheat chain and other type of gold chains to show off your personality. Matching it with a meaningful pendant is special for you. This style of wearing would perk up your whole look and bring your outfits to the next level.

gold chain necklace


Where to Buy Gold Chains?

There is no more convenient way to shop gold chains necklaces online. Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Etsy are four places that you can search men’s gold chains of various types. One thing you need to make sure is you are buying chain necklaces from a trustworthy seller however it takes time. If you are struggling finding a gold chains and have no idea where to find a suitable piece, we recommend you browse our large selection of chain necklaces at U7 Jewelry.



A gold chain is a must-have jewelry piece to your jewelry collection. To rock your gold chains in a stylish way, you need to know types of gold chains you like, how to choose one suitable for you then learn how to wear it. Follow the above wearing tips and read more posts about styling, you must find  your favorite gold chains for your own style.