Initial necklace is a timeless trend never goes away from runaways in fashion. Many people including famous models and celebrities like wearing initial necklaces due to their personalized feel. It would be an ideal gift for yourself or for someone special in your life. This post will share you with everything you need to know about letter necklaces and we’ll showcase some of our chic initial pieces helping you find a suitable initial necklace for yourself or for your family, friend, ect.

What is Initial Necklace and the Meaning Behind Initial Necklace?

Initial necklace is chain necklace with at least one letter/initial as charm of the necklace. Letter necklace is not only a popular piece with aesthetic value creating a chic touch to your look, it also contains some special meaning to the wearers. Many people customize an initial necklace with the first or last letter of their own name or name of their be loved. Some initial necklaces will be adored with birthstones to represent the zodiac sign or birth month of the wearer.

Origin Of Initial Necklaces

It is believed that initials and monograms were first used by Roman and Greek rulers in medieval ages. Initials were engraved on the Roman and Greek coins in order to recognize the leaders of a particular ruler. Coins were engraved with the initials or monograms of their leader. Later initials could be seen everywhere like flag, tribe or country symbol. As time goes by, initial jewelry pieces, no matter from necklace, bracelet, earrings to rings, are extremely popular and personalized and never be overdone.

Tips On How To Style Initial Necklaces

There are various ways to wear letter necklaces depending on which types of style you like. The following are three common yet stylish ways to wear initial necklaces.

  • Wear One Single Piece

Wear One Initial Necklace On Single Piece

Keep it simple and just wear one initial piece. You can wear a dainty or a large initial necklace like necklace in small circle shape with a single initial around your neck as a statement piece to show off your collarbone. Or you can try a necklace with a large letter charm to pair with a casual T-shirt or v-shape attires. An eye-catching and rock letter pendant add a cool and bold touch to your personal look.

  • Layer With Other Necklaces

 Cubic Zirconia Initial Necklace Dainty Letter Necklace

Stack your initial necklace with your other favorite necklaces like bar necklaces with slightly different length to create an elegant feel. You can also stack your initial necklace with other letter necklace but different lengths. This way of layering perfectly pair with your flattering v-shape clothes and help to elongate your figure and creates a delicate and subtle effect.

  • Style With Other Pendant Charm

Initial Necklaces

Adored your chain necklace with more than one letter pendant charms. This is a trendy way pair with any outfit. Wear initial necklace with two letter pendants, one for you and one for someone special, creating a more sentimental and elegant tone to your personal style.


Top 10 Initial Necklaces You Will Adore Forever

Since you have gone through all you need to know about initial necklaces and how to wear trendy letter pendants, let’s have a look at the top chic initial necklaces that will make you stand out and shine in the crowd.

1.Bling AAA+ Cubic ZirconiaCustom Initial Necklace Letter A-Z

Bling AAA+ Cubic Zirconia Custom Initial Necklace Letter A-Z

Dainty and delicate, this bling initial necklace Inlaid with shiny AAA+ Cubic Zirconia crystals makes you the most shiny person in the street. Available in not only 18k gold plated, but also platinum plated, this customizable letter necklace can add up to three letter charms to the chain. Can be  lovely worn alone or worn as a layered necklace.

2. Simple High Polished Personalized Initial Letter  Necklace

Simple High Polished Personalized Initial Necklace

Same as the above initial letter necklace, this simple and smooth piece can also be customized with letters, number and symbol like ❤. Wear it alone or layered it with other dainty necklace to create an elegant and sophisticated look. Would be a perfect personalized gift for your mom, girlfriend, lover, sister, daughter or friends.

 3. Engraved Round Disc Letter A-Z Initial Necklace

Modern and elegant, this dainty coin piece offers a graphic and minimalistic touch to your necklace. Can pair with many kinds of outfit especially V shaped attires. Choose one letter or select three letters and add engraving on the back side of the charm. Would be an eye-catching necklace attract much compliments.

 4.Square/Hexagon Shaped Initial Letter Pendant Necklace

Square/Hexagon Shaped Initial Letter Pendant Necklace

A unique and shiny design in square and hexagon shape. These initial necklaces look great when worn alone or stacked with other necklaces. Would be a perfect shimmering piece worn by both women and men. Ideal gift for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mom, dad, daughter, son and so on.

5. Bling Cubic ZirconiaLetter A-Z Crown Initial Necklace

Bling Cubic Zirconia Letter A-Z Crown Initial Necklace

Inlaid with sparkling AAA+ Cubic Zirconia, this bling letter pendant charm with a sturdy wheat chain is chic for daily wear. A unique sideways crown make this piece an outstanding piece to pair with any outfits. Can layer it with other gold chains necklace to spoil your party. 

6. Large Sideways Initial Pendant Necklace                     

Large Sideways Initial Pendant Necklace

Unique and simple, this large size initial necklace adds a bold touch to your look. This letter necklace also has a custom option, just add your engraving for this piece and wear it alone to create a beautifully look to your overall outfits.

7. Custom DIY Initial Choker Necklace

Custom DIY Initial Choker Necklace

Simple and dainty, this initial choker can custom up to 10 letters for the dangling charms. The cute letter charms are embedded with shiny AAA+ Cubic Zirconia, which make this piece more eye-catching to match any outfits. This letter choker looks delicate when worn on its own.

8. Custom Genuine Leather Initial Choker Collar Necklace

Custom Genuine Leather Initial Choker Collar Necklace

Exclusive Gothic and celebrity design, this genuine leather letter choker create a chic personal feel to your look. The letter choker comes with an adjustable belt buckle for proper length. Design with your name and pair with a leather jacket or a black dress to rock the party.

9. 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Monogram Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Personalized Monogram Necklace

This stunning monogram initial necklace is chic and timeless for daily wear. Choose 1-3 letters to create your own unique monogram. Can wear it alone or layer it with other dainty choker necklace for a minimalistic effect.

10. I Love You In 100 Language Initial Letter Necklace

I Love You In 100 Language Initial Letter Necklace

This dainty initial necklace with a shiny AAA+ cubic zirconia in the centre can be scanned "I Love You" in more than 100 languages, which would be a romantic gift to show your eternal love to your girlfriend, wife, mom or someone special in our life. Choose the letter of your beloved, she will definitely wear it all day with smile on her face.


Initial necklaces were and will be always a stable and a timeless trend you can pair with any outfits. It is a personalized piece that help to tell your special story. Choose a type of initial necklace and add it to your jewelry collection and learn how to style it. Treat it as gift for yourself and your be loved. If you would like to pick up more initial necklace to your wardrobe, please browse our versatile initial collection.