When we talk about custom jewelry, locket necklace is one of the most popular personal trends we never miss out. Though came into being many years ago, classic locket necklaces are still a trendy piece has gone through the test of time due to its trendy look. A locket necklace can keep your previous memory closed to your heart by putting something special inside. In this post, we will discuss the meaning and the history of locket necklaces, how and when to wear lockets then list some of our chic style locket necklaces and advise where to buy and how to customize lockets.

What Is A Locket Necklace and What It Can Represent?

A locket necklace is a chain necklace with a pendant which can store things like photos, hair or something previous. It is a kind of jewelry with special meanings to wearers. It represents previous memory or something cherished or private you want to keep in life. You can put a photo inside to memorize your special life. Some locket necklaces will have engraving service that you can add messages on the back for custom. It also contains different meanings depending on the locket types. For example, most couples buy a locket necklace in heart shape as a gift to express their romantic love to the receiver. Lockets are perfect sentimental gifts for many occasions like New Year, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and so on.

History of A Locket Necklace

There may be no exact information telling when and where locket necklace was first used or worn. However, locket necklace was believed to be an amulet for the wearers who would like to keep away from devil, disease or evil. Lockets were worn by both men and women in Middle Ages. Miniature portraits of be loved, perfumes and medicines were main things placed inside the lockets at that time. Locket necklace later on became a kind of mourning jewelry due to the death of Charles I, people placed the picture of him in the locket to honor him. Then in 18th century, locket necklaces became mourning jewelries for loved ones who passed away. In modern days, locket necklace is still in fashion due to its personal feel and significance to the people wearing it.

What Can You Put in A Locket Necklace?

As we discussed above, locket necklaces are just used to hold common things like the photo or hair of loved ones. What should you put in a locket to personalize it in a much more fashion and meaningful way? Below we will list some ideas:

  • Photo of Loved One

Photo is one of the most common things you can put in the lockets. No matter it is a photo of your parent, lovers, spouse, kids or friends, locket necklaces with picture inside remind you they are always with you.

  • Sweet Letter

Write a romantic and sentimental small love letter, put the note inside the locket, send it as a gift to the receiver, she will be happy throughout the day and wear the locket necklace everyday.

  • Messages

Today, many sellers of locket necklaces provide free engraving service. You can engrave some important messages on it. For example, add some important date like birthday, your anniversary date on the back of the lockets. You can also engrave some symbol like ❤ to personalize it.

How To Style Locket Necklaces?

Locket necklaces have many shapes like heart, oval, square and round. They come in many colors like 18k gold plated, platinum plated, rose gold plated, 925 sterling silver. When choose and buy your favorite type and shape, how can you style it to show it off? Here are some tips:

  • Wear it Alone

Wear a photo locket alone and make a statement on its own. Pair it with your white blouse or any other outfits to create a contract so that the locket is eye-catching enough to take the focus.

  • Layer With Other Jewelry

Stack your picture locket with other subtle necklaces in various length to create an elegant and modern tone. Wear some dainty earrings or bracelet to perk up the whole look. Just ensure that all the jewelry pieces you take look harmony and keep the locket the statement piece.

Lockets can perfectly pair with casual and formal attires. Pair dainty locket necklaces with elegant dress code like long dress, V-shape shirts, stack your large or long lockets with casual outfits like T-shirts, jeans.


Top 10 Stylish Locket Necklaces Perfectly Perk Up Any Outfits.

1. Vintage Rose Flower Crafted Heart Photo Locket Necklace

Vintage Rose Flower Crafted Heart Photo Locket Necklace

Beautifully etched rose flower in the front of the locket necklace is what makes this locket a romantic gift to your be loved. Add a photo of your girlfriend, wife or someone loves roses, speak out your love by engraving message on the back.

2. Personalized Heart Locket Necklace With Picture

Personalized Heart Locket Necklace With Picture

Romantic heart shaped with subtle floral pattern and tiny heart crafted on the front, this locket is chic and stylish for everyday wear. Same as the above locket necklace, this locket comes in three colors which are 18k gold plated, platinum plated and rose gold plated.

3. Antique Floral Patterned Heart Photo Locket Necklace

Antique Floral Patterned Heart Photo Locket Necklace

This classic and antique style locket necklace would be a special keepsake for daily wear. There are two options you can choose. You can just order the only locket to put your cherished things inside, or you can customize with a digital picture to add a personal feel.

4. Personalized Zodiac Sign 12 Constellations Locket Necklace For Men/Women

Personalized Zodiac Sign 12 Constellations Locket Necklace For Men/Women

Special and unique, this 12-Constellation locket necklace adds a chic and personal look to your outfits. Each locket is imprinted with the according star sign on the front. Choose one Zodiac Sign according to your birth date, customize it with a picture and some messages. You will stand out with this shiny piece.

5. 925 Sterling Sliver Tiny Cute Angle Wing Locket Necklaces With Photo


925 Sterling Sliver Tiny Cute Angle Wing Locket Necklaces With Photo
925 Sterling Sliver Tiny Cute Angle Wing Locket Necklaces With Photo
925 Sterling Sliver Tiny Cute Angle Wing Locket Necklaces With Photo

Cute and dainty, these three stylish Angel Wing locket necklaces look great when worn alone or layered with other jewelry pieces. Made of hypoallergenic 925 Sterling Sliver, these lockets are comfortable and safe to wear. Would be a shimmering chic gift for daughter, girlfriend, wife, lover, mom, kids or friends. Just insert a picture and add some messages to create your own style.

6Classic Floral Pattern Round ShapedCustom Photo Locket Necklace For Women

6.Classic Floral Pattern Round Shaped Custom Photo Locket Necklace For Women

Vintage floral locket necklace in round shape with filigree subtly embedded on the front is unique and classic for daily wear. Available in 18k gold plated, platinum plated or rose gold plated , this locket is affordable and adorable one worth to keep. Cheer you mom, aunt or grandma up with this antique piece, add some messages on the back to make this locket more personalized!

7. Vintage Pattern Round Engraved Locket Photo Necklace

Vintage Pattern Round Engraved Locket Photo Necklace

Similar with the above round locket necklace, wearing this classic locket adds a antique feel to your outfits. Can worn with your white T-shirt to create a casual look or wear with your dainty choker to pair with V-shape attires.

8. Round Shaped Photo Locket Necklace With Ankh Cross

Round Shaped Photo Locket Necklace With Ankh Cross

Ankh cross, a symbol of protection, keeps you far away from evil. This round locket necklace engraved with an Ankh cross on the front can be worn as an amulet. Would be an ideal gift for kids, daughter, son, boys and girls.

9. Vintage Monogram Oval Locket Women's Photo

Vintage Monogram Oval Locket Women's Photo

Dainty and unique oval design, this vintage style photo locket necklace is a perfect gift or keepsake for a family heirloom. Intricate floral pattern embossed makes this photo locket a more antique piece.

10. Personalized Oval Locket Floral Photo Necklace

Personalized Oval Locket Floral Photo Necklace

Heirloom-inspired oval locket necklace embossed with intricate floral leaves and branches is classic yet chic for daily wear. Customize it with a meaningful photo and add some messages or symbols on the pendant loop to captures your special memory.

The above locket necklaces are common but stunning and fashionable ones worn frequently by many people even some celebrities today. They help to perk up your look. What’s more, they are more affordable and thrifty. So where can you buy these kinds of lockets? Please read on.

Where to Buy Chic Locket Necklaces?

Online shopping is a more convenient way can save your time. No matter what types of locket necklaces you prefer, explore our wide collection of locket necklaces at U7 Jewelry. We have many types of gorgeous yet chic personalized photo lockets in round, oval, square, heart shape in various colors, which you are sure to discover a type as a personalized gift to spoil your heart or that of your family, friends or lover.


How To Customize Locket Necklace?

To customize a locket necklace to create a unique look, you can just follow the below simple steps.

Step 1: Choose The Metal Color

In U7 Jewelry, our locket necklaces have three colors in 18K Gold Plated, Platinum Plated and Rose Gold Plated and the base metal is brass or 925 Sterling Silver. Choose your favorite color type before customize your memorial locket.

Step 2:Upload Your Previous Photo

Upload a photo of your loved one. It can be a picture of your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, friend, kids or even your lovely pet like cat, dog.

Step 3: Add Engraving On the Locket Necklace

Type inscriptions in the blank for the engraving on the backside of the lockets. Finally subscribe to preview. Never mind the effect as we will adjust your photo and engraving to the best before printing and engraving.



Locket necklaces carry special meanings to the wearer throughout the history. They are fashion jewelry pieces with antique yet trendy appeal. After reading all things you need to know about locket necklaces, I believe that you will start to follow the runways and learn how to style your lockets in a chic and proper way. If you have unique and special moments to keep, don’t hesitate to choose these must-have stunning pieces to your jewelry collection!