Father is one of the important men in your life who picked you up and the person made you who you are today. Father’s Day is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to show how you love your father and how you appreciate and honor everything he has done for you. Are you scrambling to explore a special gift for your dear dad? In this post, we will discuss the history of Father’s day and give you thoughtful, unique and budget-friendly jewelry gift ideas that your father will remember and cherish forever.

When is Fathers Day?

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in United States. It is a national day to honer fatherhood and it is a time for people to thank their dads including grandpa, fathers for the important role they have played in the family.

Whats the Origin Of Fathers Day?

Father’s Day was not recognized at the very beginning when it was proposed. There is a saying about when and why the first Father’s Day was celebrated. In 1907, it was a women by the name of Grace Golden Clayton proposed to the local Methodist church to set a date to celebrate fathers after a serious mine explosion where killed 250 fathers among the 316 men in Fairmont, West Virginia. Grace Golden Clayton is one of children who lost her father in this disaster. However, it is unlucky it did not become an annual event, only few people knew about the observance.

Two years later in 1909, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane was inspired by the celebration of Mother’s Day and came up with the idea of Father’s Day when she attended a church sermon about Mother’s Day. Sonora Smart Dodd was born in a family with six brothers and sisters. The six children were raised only by her father William Jackson Smart because her mother died when giving birth to the sixth child. Sonora Smart Dodd thought her father or fathers like him should be respected due to their hard work and love for their children, so she had been communicated with the Spokane Ministerial Association and the YMCA to decide a date of July 5th , the birthday of her father as a day to honer fathers. However, the department chose the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day in order people can have enough time to prepare for the day after Mother’s Day.

It took a lot effort to make this day recognized. It was not until 1972 Father’s Day became an official national holiday. Nowadays, many countries also have a Father’s day. Most of them set the third of June as Father’s Day like the United States.

What Kind of Jewelry Gift You Should Buy For Dads?

what gift should you buy for your dad on Father's Day

It is not such an easy thing to shop for dad especially something special and unique.

Below we list some fantastic and unique jewelry that will be suitable for dads with different tastes.

1. Classic Chunky Cuban Link Chain Necklace Bracelet Set

Classic Chunky Cuban Link Chain Necklace Bracelet SetBold and chunky style gold chain necklace and bracelet, this jewelry set perfectly pair with any kinds of outfits. Can wear as a set alone to make a bold statement piece, it can be beautifully worn with a white, black T-shirt or a turtleneck. We also have a wide range of gold chains for men at our gold chain collection, you can also browse to explore one for your dad.

2. Personalized Engraved Military Dog Tag Necklace For Men

Personalized Engraved Military Dog Tag Necklace For Men

 Engraved Military Dog Tag Necklace For Men

Classic and simple, these two military dog tag necklaces are timeless trends for daily wear. These dog tags can be engraved with any messages(Up to 5 lines) to create personalized touch to the look. The fist dog tag necklace can be engraved in vertical or horizontal level.

3. Custom Engravable Dog Tag Necklace with Picture

Custom Engravable Dog Tag Necklace with PictureThis dog tag picture necklace can be customized with a custom photo. The back side of the dog tag can be added messages, which creates a more personal feel. Upload a picture of your dear dad, add some words on the back to speak out the love to your dad, he will love the dog tag and wear it everyday.

4. Engraved12 Constellations Dog Tag Necklace with Zodiac Sign

Engraved 12 Constellations Dog Tag Necklace with Zodiac Sign

Classic engraved Zodiac dog tag necklace adored with shiny Austrian Rhinestones. The Zodiac sign is embedded on the front side of the dog tag. The back side can be free engraved according to your personal need. 12 Constellations: Aries/ Taurus/ Gemini/ Cancer/ Leo/ Virgo/ Libra/ Scorpio/ Sagittarius/ Capricorn/ Aquarius/Pisces. Choose the Zodiac of your father and spoil him on this special Father’s Day.

5. 12 Constellations Locket with Picture Zodiac Sign Necklace

12 Constellations Locket with Picture Zodiac Sign Necklace

Same as the above 12 constellations dog tag necklace, this picture locket necklace can be engraved messages on the back. Can upload a photo to customize it. Gift this locket picture necklace to your dad, let him feel the everlasting love from you.

6. Engraving Round Signet Ring Custom Statement For MenEngraving Round Signet Ring Custom Statement For Men

Highly polished simple statement ring is chic and timeless for daily wear. The front side of the ring and be engraved with symbols/texts up to 2 lines/20 characters in total, adding a creative tone to the finger, can wear alone or stack with other types of rings to create a cool feel.

7. Vintage Lucky Eyes Of Horus Amulet Signet Ring With Egyptian Pharaoh Pattern

7.Vintage Lucky Eyes Of Horus Amulet Signet Ring With Egyptian Pharaoh Pattern

Gothic and antique, this signet ring is chic and unique for everyday wear. Comes in 2 colors: 18k gold plated and 316L stainless steel in various sizes from 07-12 USA standard. The Egypt eye of horus, a symbol of protection, can keep the wearer far away from evil and disease, this amulet ring would be an ideal gift as amulet for Father’ s Day.

8. Adjustable Multi-layer Braided Leather Hemp Cords Wooden Bead Bracelet

Adjustable Multi-layer Braided Leather Hemp Cords Wooden Bead Bracelet

This leather bracelet set comes with 4 different bracelets: leather, hemp cords and wooden beads, is a punk and rock style jewelry pieces for chic wear. You can wear all the 4 braided bracelets together to create a cool layering feel or wear separately because they they can be separated. Competitive price only $19 to get 4, a very budget friendly yet unique gift for dad.

9. Personalized Engraved Star of David Necklace

Personalized Engraved Star of David Necklace

If your dad is a jew, this Star of David necklace would be a great gift for him. The pendant loop of the star charm can be engraved with up to 6 characters, unique for daily wear. Surprise your dad with this previous gift from Israel, start now!

10. Letter A-Z Monogram SquareInitial Necklace

Letter A-Z Monogram Square Initial Necklace

Monogram initial necklace in square shape, this letter necklace is chic and stylish for daily wear. Two colors available: 18k gold and platinum plated. Choose the first letter of your father’s name, spoil your dad with this personalized letter pendant necklace.


Don’t miss any chances to thank your dad especially on this special day for fathers. You have too many options and have bought many normal gifts like clothes, wallets, ties for your dear dad. Pick one of the above special, heartfelt, meaningful and personalized pieces from U7 Jewelry for your dad as Father’s Day gift this year, he will wear it and cherish your love forever. Spoil him, shop now