Rings are one of the most fashionable jewelry pieces worn by both men and women. Today rings are not only for propose, engagement or wedding, they are a classic yet stylish jewelry trend people wear and use to stack with other jewelries in their daily life. Wearing rings can perk up the overall outfit and make the wearer look more modern or elegant if they choose the right ring type and size. However, choosing a ring in right size is a stressful and confusing thing especially when you are ordering rings online. In this post, we will share you a complete handy guide to measure your accurate ring size or that of your loved one at home in order that to make sure the ring fits yourself especially your be loved when you’re ready to propose. Let’s start now!

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Why Ring in Right Size is So Important?

Buying a ring for yourself or your wife-to-be would make you delighted but receiving a wrong-size ring will make you disappointed because it will even ruin your engagement. If you receive a bigger or smaller ring, you need to take time to resize the ring and normally it will take 1-2 weeks to finish resizing a ring. Jewelers resize the ring by compressing or stretching the band or adding or removing some amount of metal to or from the ring band then reshape it. After resizing, your ring should be thinner or thicker. What’s more, not all kinds of rings can be resized. Rings with diamond and gemstone cannot be resized due to the material.

Whats the Standard of a Perfect Fit Ring?

It is hard to define a right or a proper fit ring. However, one thing you need to make sure is that a perfect fit ring will not make you uncomfortable. A right fitting ring should suit your finger properly and rest towards the base of your finger, not big or loose enough to fall off the knuckle, not too small to wear on and makes your finger feel stressed and tight.

What is Ring Size?

To choose a ring to suit you or your beloved best, you need to know the finger/ring size of yourself or that of the one you would like to gift the ring. According to ISO, the short of the International Organization for Standardization, the standard ring sizes are calculated in millimeters by the inside circumference of the band ring. However, the ISO ring standard sizes only apply to some European countries such as United Kingdom, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, ect. Different countries have their own ring-size measurement systems. For example, In the United States, ring sizes are numbered ranging from 5 to 12 or even more to 15. The numerical sizes are based on the inner circumference of the ring in millimeters. If you have known the accurate size of your finger but still confusing and struggling to convert the ring size into that of other countries, the below chart should be some of help.


How To Measure Your Ring Size?

We have known more about ring sizes and how they are measured, so what is your ring size? How to measure your ring size in a proper and more convenient way? Below we will list of easy methods to determine and measure your ring size at home.

Method 1: Use an Existing Ring

One of the most accurate ways to measure your ring size is to use an existing ring fits you and make you feel snugly. You can measure its inside diameter and you can find your own ring size according to the international sizing chart as listed above.

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Alternatively, you can know your ring size with the ring size chart like below. Just place your ring on the top of the circles, if the circle matches the inside diameter of your ring, it is the correct size for your finger. It is suggested to choose the larger size if there are two fitting sizes.

ring size chart

If you do not have an existing ring, you can use the below methods.

Method 2: Use a Ring Sizer

A ring size is a really easy way to figure out your ring size if you have got a ring sizer. To find your perfect fit, you just need to wrap it as a ring around your desired finger then adjust the tightness until you find your comfortable fit. When you have a snug fit, you will know your ring size indicated by arrow.

 Ring Sizer

Method 3: Use a Printable Paper Ring Sizer

If you do not have a ring sizer, you can just print the below paper ring sizer and cut it carefully along the line. After that, you need to cut a slit along the red line. Then a paper ring sizer is done. Follow the above measuring method of ring sizer, you will know your accurate finger size. If you find it troublesome to print and cut a paper ring sizer, you can order a ring sizer directly online which is affordable only costs less than $5 and most of ring sizers are made of plastic for multiple usage in the future.

Printable Paper Ring Sizer

Method 4: Use a Strip Of Paper

How to measure ring size-Use a Strip Of Paper

Cut a strip of paper around 5-6 inches in a straight line with a scissors, wrap the little paper piece around the base of your finger(it should be the finger you would like to wear the ring on) until you feel it snug or comfortable to wear. Remember not too tight, you need to leave a bit space. Mark with a pen where the paper ends overlaps then measure the paper strip with a ruler in mm, at last you can find your ring size by comparing the international ring size chart.

Method 5: Use a Strip

measure ring size with a strip

Prepare a long strip, a scissors and a ruler in millimeters, wrap the strip around your desire finger where you would like the ring will rest. Make sure the strip is not too tight before cutting the string. Then carefully cut the string where it meets or intersects on your own or with the help of your family or friend. Measure the length of the string and find the measurement in the international sizing chart and you will figure out your ring size.

Method 6: Use an Adhesive Lead Tape

Use an Adhesive Lead Tape to measure ring size

Same as the strip method, you need to prepare a scissors and a ruler in millimeters. Rip the sticker of the lead tape on the back and stick the tape to your finger where you would like to ring to put on. Make a marking with a red pen where the ends meets. Peel off the tape from your finger and measure its length with the prepared ruler. Remember to add extra 3-5 inches to the final length in case the size is too tight for your finger.

Method 7: Use Metal Ring Sizer Tool Set

Use Metal Ring Sizer Tool Set to measure ring size

Using a metal ring sizer tool set enables you to figure out the accurate ring size. The only thing you need to do is to try a few loops in different sizes, you can find your perfect fit at a ease. This method is not that affordable than the above methods but can be kept as a long-time use. You can order a ring sizer tool set like Amazon, Etsy, eBay.

Method 8: Consult with a Jeweler

Most jewelers will have cheap ring sizers for customers to use. Some nice jewelers will even help them to measure your ring size without any cost. You can go to your local jeweler to consult if you have time and don’t think it troublesome.

What If You Want To Give A Ring As A Surprise?

If you are preparing for a surprise for engagement , measuring her ring size in some obvious way will definitely ruin the engagement. But there are still a few secret ways for you to figure out her ring size and pull off your proposal with perfect size of this engagement ring. Just keep reading on to learn below creative and clever tips.

  1. Use Her Existing Rings

Bringing secretly one of her rings she wears frequently to the local jeweler would be a simplest way to know her ring size or you can measure the ring size with Method 1 we mentioned above. One thing you need to keep an eye is which finger she wears the ring on. If the ring is worn on her thumb or pinky, it is definitely not suitable one.

  1. Measure Her Ring Size When She is Sleepy

This method sounds a bit ridiculous but you can have a try if your be loved is a deep sleeper and she doesn’t have any rings you can borrow. Use a strip, a piece of paper or a ring sizer to measure her finger size according to Method 2 Method 4 and 5. However, the ring sizes should not be that accurate because ring size will vary but there is not such a big difference, just go and try.

  1. Seek Help From Her Friend/Family

Ask her close friend/family about her ring size. If her friend has no idea about her ring size, try convincing her to go to a jewelry store to try a fitting ring as a fun shopping activity.

  1. Just Go and Buy Most Common Ring Size

The most common ring sizes for women are between 5 and 7 while the most popular size is 7. If your beloved is shorter and with heavy weight, you can choose a bigger ring, if she is thinner and taller, try a smaller size. If you are not sure about if you should go down or up, just go big without thinking too much.

Things You Need to Know Before Measuring Your Ring Size

Before you measuring your ring sizes, you need to keep in mind the below things:

  • Which finger would you like to wear the ring on? As it is known that different finger will have different ring sizes.
  • Which hand would you like to wear? You need to keep in mind that the sizes of the same finger on the right and left hand are different to some extent. Ring fits your right finger best may not fit your corresponding left finger because left finger is normally smaller than the right finger.
  • Finger sizes will change with time. It is believed that finger size will be different in the morning and in the afternoon. People’s finger sizes are smaller in the morning, the ideal time to measure your ring size is in the late afternoon. It’s not recommended to measure your finger in the morning especially after you take a bath or do some exercise.
  • Finger sizes will change with seasons. It is said that the finger size will be large in high temperature like summer or hot months while it will shrink in cold weather. Hence, it is recommended to measure your ring size at normal room temperature.
  • Think what kind of ring you would like to buy, if you wold like to buy a wide band ring, you need to buy a bit larger size. If you are planning to buy a narrow ring, it is wiser to size down.

It is not easy to find your accurate ring size with the very complicated number, but with the handy methods showcased above, I believe that it will be a piece of a cake for you from today on. It is finally time to consider which style of ring you can buy perfect for your personal style. U7 Jewelry has a wide collection of rings for both men and women, most of them can even add engraving on the ring to make the rings more personal. Explore and find one for yourself or beloved now!