As we all known, necklaces are a jewelry piece worn by both men and women around their neck. Necklaces can add a stylish and trendy touch and aesthetic appeal to the overlook. While when we talk about pendant necklaces, personalized picture necklace is on the top list. A necklace with picture is a special and meaningful jewelry piece for daily wear. It is also a thoughtful gift for loved ones due to its personalization. In this post, we will talk about the below questions or points.

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Why Picture Necklace are Still in Style?

A photo necklace is a special jewelry piece and can be a keepsake or a personalized gift for loved ones. Different from other jewelry pieces, a personalized picture necklace can not only be a classic and chic jewelry accessory which you can wear on any occasions, but also it holds your memories with the printed picture. Some suppliers will offer engraving service, which enables your memories last a lifetime.

Types of Picture Necklaces

There are many types of photo necklaces you can opt for. Locket necklace is one of the most classic photo necklaces popular among people. Many people loves to wear the unique locket necklaces thanks to its sentimental and memorial features. You can just add a picture to customize the necklace, some vendors like U7 Jewelry provides free engraving selection, you can engrave message on the back side of the locket for your personal locket. Locket necklaces comes in many shapes such as heart, oval, round. If you would like to know more about locket necklaces, you can browse our previous blog: A Complete Guide To Locket Necklaces: History, Styling & Buying Tips

Dog tag picture necklace is another type of custom photo necklace. The classic military dog tag necklaces have a masculine and cool appeal. A dog tag necklace with a custom picture and messages creates a more personal touch to your style, would be a thoughtful unisex gift on special day like Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving.

Portrait picture necklace is an ideal photo necklace if you are a fan of artist or like drawing. You can just upload the picture, it will turn your picture into the line drawing.

There are other kinds of picture necklaces in style, they are in shapes of heart, oval, round or square. If you are interested, you can browse our wide collection of photo necklaces. Below we will showcase 10 top picture necklaces for your special memories.

10 Top Picture Necklaces For Your Previous Memories

1. Custom Round Picture Necklace With AAA+ Cubic Zirconia

Custom Round Picture Necklace With Cubic Zirconia

This round shaped picture necklace makes you look very luxurious thanks to the sparking AAA+ Cubic Zirconia. The customized photo on the front side and the free engraving on the back add a more personal appeal to your overall look. Wear your hip hop style outfits and pair with this shiny and glamorous picture necklace to rock your party now!

2. Custom Photo Engraved Dog Tags Urn Necklace For Ashes

 Custom Necklace With Photo Urn Necklace For Ashes

These masculine dog tag necklaces will be sure to make your look more cool and special thanks to the customizable design. The front side can be added with a photo while the back can be engraved messages. Choose this magnificent remembrance jewelry urn as a special way to remember and honor a loved one, It will definitely add a meaningful glam to your personal style.

 3. Personalized Heart Shape Locket Necklace With Photo And Text Engraved

Heart Shape Locket Necklace With Photo And Text Engraved

The heart shaped picture necklace can be worn at any occasions and makes you look more eye-catching and special. The back side can be engraved with messages up to 48 characters. 2 colors available: 18K gold plated, 316l stainless steel.

4. Personalized Photo Necklace Pendant With Solid Convex Glass Film 

Personalized Custom Photo and Message Necklace Pendant

Same as the above photo necklaces, this dog tag shaped picture necklace is customizable with picture and messages. The picture pendant comes with a solid convex glass film to protect your picture from fading and moisture. 2 colors for you to choose: 18k gold plated and 316l stainless steel.

5. Personalized Engraved Zodiac Sign Heart Locket Necklace with Photo

Engraved Zodiac Sign Heart Locket Necklace with Photo

Dainty and unique, this romantic picture necklace with zodiac sign engraved is a perfect keepsake or gift for loved ones such as girlfriend, lover or wife. You can upload a picture to customize it and add messages on the back to express and speak out your love.

6. Customizable Moon Photo Pendant Necklace with Picture Memorial Jewelry

U7 Jewelry Moon Photo Pendant Locket Necklace For Women

This picture necklace with a moon crafted on the side of the picture pendant will be sure to get a lot of compliments with its simple and dainty outlook. Same as the above locket picture necklace, this photo locket necklace is customizable with picture and messages. Design your own now to make this piece more personal for everyday wear.

7. Personalized Angel Wing Heart Locket Picture Necklace Sterling Silver

Angel Wing Heart Locket Picture Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

This Angel Wing heart locket necklace is very tiny and cute in design yet very trendy and chic to pair with any outfits. You can add a picture and messages to the locket to design your personal locket. The base material of this locket necklace is quality 925 Sterling Silver, safe for sensitive skin. Comes in three colors: 18K gold plated, rose gold plated and platinum plated.

8. Sterling Silver Heart Locket Photo Pendant Necklace With Sun Stone Engraved
U7 Jewelry Sterling Silver Heart Sun Locket Necklace Photo Pendant

This locket necklace with a sun stone beautifully crafted on the surface is meaning and unique keepsake or gift for grandma, mom or aunt. You can upload a picture to customize it, a good way to keep an unforgettable memory with someone special in your life.

9. Personalized Oval Picture Locket Sterling Silver Necklace With Text

U7 Jewelry Custom Oval Picture Locket Sterling Silver Necklace With Text

Antique and vintage style oval locket necklace is great for a classic yet stylish look. You can wear this locket necklace at many occasions and pair it with any attires. Customize it with a picture of your family, girlfriend, daughter, wife or friend and engrave the messages for her. She will wear this memorial necklace everyday with a big smile on her face.

10. Sterling Silver Celtic Heart Photo Locket Necklace
U7 Jewelry Sterling Silver Celtic Heart Photo Locket Necklace

Celtic Knot, a symbolic pattern of a looped knot that has no start or finish. The looped pattern goes on infinitely, which is thought to symbolise the eternity of life. This heart shaped locket necklace with celtic is a meaningful keepsake or a jewelry piece as a decoration for daily wear. Add a picture of the receiver to s urprise him/her with this special gift!

What Kind of Photo to Put in a Picture Necklace?

You may be unsure what kind of pictures for your unique picture necklaces. It may be depending on the receiver and what kind of memories you would like to keep. For example, if you would like to buy a picture necklace for your dad for Father’s Day gift, you can choose a family photo or a photo of your dear dad. Here are some most common photos people usually printed for their picture necklaces:

  • Kids Pictures

Kids picture for photo necklace

  • Spouse Pictures

picture necklace for wife or husband

  • Family Pictures

picture necklace for family

  • Couple Pictures

picture necklace for couple

  • Wedding Pictures

picture necklace

  • Bestie Pictures

picture necklace for friends

  • Picture of Pets

picture necklace for pets-dogs-cats

  • Picture of Lost Ones
  • Picture of Loved Ones: Family, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Daughter, Son, Grandma, Grandpa...

If you have no idea what kind of information to engrave for the picture necklaces, you are welcome to have a look at our blog: A Complete Guide To Locket Necklaces: History, Styling & Buying Tips

Where to Buy High Quality and Affordable Picture Necklaces?

Buying a picture necklace online shopping is a more convenient way. Amazon and Etsy have plenty of photo necklaces you can choose from but it may take some time because there are hundreds of choices. At U7 Jewelry, we have many types of gorgeous and affordable personalized photo necklaces in shapes of round, oval, square, heart. Don’t hesitate, just shop at low price with up to 60% off discount. Shop now!

How To Customize Picture Necklaces?

Follow the simple steps to customize your unique necklace with picture:

Step 1: Choose the Color

Most picture necklaces in our store comes in three colors: 18K gold plated, platinum plated and rose gold plated. You can opt for your preference before customizing your unique photo pendant necklace. 

Step 2:Choose the Style

We have many options for your choice to customize your special photo jewelry piece. No engraving, only engraving, engraving plus picture. Choose one you prefer and just continue to design the picture pendant!

Step 3: Upload An Image

If you go for the style of engraving+ photo, just upload a photo by clicking the “choose file” button. For what kind of picture you can add, you can refer to What Kind of Photo to Put in a Picture Necklace we discussed above.

Step 4: Add Engraving

Enter the information you would like to engrave on the back side of the pendant charm, it can be some messages you would like to say to the receiver, like sweet notes like “Love you forever”, and you can also engrave symbols like ❤ to make the unique piece more personal.

After you have put in all the thing you would like to customize for the picture necklace, you can subscribe to preview. You don’t have to worry about the effect because our worker will be sure to adjust your photo and engraving to the best before printing and engraving.


Picture necklace is a unique and special jewelry piece carry some special memories. If you are still exploring a personalized gift for your loves on a special occasions such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, Christmas or more, just click here to choose a photo necklace! We U7 Jewelry has a wide collection of necklace with picture and other personalized jewelry pieces like custom military dog tag necklaces, name necklaces, initial necklaces for both men and women, girls and boys. You will definitely find a gorgeous one for yourself or your beloved!