Inspired by the “praying hands” of famous artist Albrecht Dürer, we designed praying hands necklace collection with bowing to the greatest painter. Today, we’d like to share with you our praying hands necklace and the touching story behind the holy praying hands.

Praying Hands & Praying Hands Necklace-What is The Praying Hands?

Praying hands is a masterpiece pen and ink sketches painted by greatest artist Albrecht Dürer in 16 century, the sketch shows a male sleeved hands hold and pray without the image of the body, the pen and ink painting method well captured the texture of the holy hands, which was named Study of the Hands of an Apostle that is planned to occupy the panel of panel of Frankfurt.

Praying Hands and Praying Hands Necklace-The Story Behind Praying Hands

There are many people thought that the praying hands is depict of Albrecht Dürer own hands, but the protruding blue veins shows on the praying hands evoked my doubts,so i searched for more information and surprisingly find a touching story behind the praying hands.

great masterpiece of praying hands painting
Everyone’s road towards success is not that easy, so does Albrecht Dürer who lived in a poor family with 18 siblings, Albrecht Dürer father is a goldsmith and work guts out to feed the whole family, Albrecht Dürer and his younger brother Albert both are very talented in painting and dreamed a dream to go to Academy to study. One day, Albrecht and Albert figure out a way to realize their dream: One go work on mines to provide the tuition fees of another, the one who go to Academy is suppose to provide support for the education of the one work on mines when get a job after graduation, they agreed to flip a coin to decide who go to college first and Albrecht won the toss to fulfill his ambition. Live up to expectations, Albrecht graduated with outstanding works and profitable earnings. Families hold a party to celebrate of Albracht returns, he hold his glass and thanked for his devoted brother Albert who sit in the far end of the table and told Albert that he is going to support Albert in return, Out of everyone expectation, Albert said with tears that his hands were cracked by mines with arthritis, he can hardly holding the glass to toast, needless to say hold the brushes to draw lines. To express his gratefulness to Albert sacrifice, Albrecht painted Albert ravaged hands with palms together and posing skyward and named it “Hands”, then be renamed “Praying Hands”.

famous painter Albrecht Dürer
It is a sad but warm story of family love and sacrifice, which story is very common in the low classes family,while families laid life and pray for another without wrath and doubting.

Praying Hands in Every Religion and Cultures

Praying hands was seen in every religion, cultures in different ways of holding, it may be “act of fealty” towards God and hope God hear one’s own blessings, submission and wills, it was also a gesture of submission to king or lord in the past, The polite gesture of Japan or Thailand to express thank you and greetings. All in all, praying hands is with praise, good blessing and Humble heart.

Classic Praying Hands Necklace

Our designs of praying hands necklace is aimed to capture the praying hands antetype.

praying hands necklace

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