Jewelry can be worn by anyone on any occasion and the right one would definitely elevate your vibes and outfit and make you stand out among the crowd. When it comes to the best jewelry that can speak for yourself and show people your charm, personalized jewelry is the first thing that people will think about. Just take a look at what celebrities wear and get some inspiration!


  • Initial Necklace
Initial necklaces have always been loved by everyone since a long time ago. In addition to choosing your own letter, you can also choose the letter of your loved one and wear it all the time, which is even more meaningful. The initial pendant can be paired with any materials you like to create your very own personalized necklace. Why people are crazy about the initial necklace? One of the biggest reasons is that you can customize your own jewelry following your heart. You can wear a necklace with a single initial, or you can combine with several initial pendants to make a special necklace that fully shows your personality! We can see from Diana to Bella Hadid, that the initial necklace has been so popular for so long and it has been welcomed by many celebrities too.
Lisa loves this square plate letter necklace so much that you can see her wear it all the time which also proves that this kind of necklace can match most kinds of outfits. You can surely match with formal wear, casual wear and vacation wear! If you are looking for an initial necklace that goes with every outfit, you can start with this square plate letter necklace!


 Diana, except for her as the wife of prince Charlie, she is also well known for her fashion style! We can note on all those pictures that Diana wore initial necklace a lot! She always wear a necklace with her initial letter pendant--D. It is said that she is the first person who made letter necklace so popular! No jewelry can show more personality than this!

Doja cat is famous for her special and eye-catching outfits and looks in her music video. And every time she shows up in public, the press and people will be amazed by how creative and gorgeous her outfits are! What she wears always makes the new generation follow the trend she made! For this look, she combines the letter pendant to together to form her name! A clever way to tell people who you are by just take a look at your personalized initial name necklace!


  • Name Earrings

Fashion icons are trying to wear all kinds of personalized jewelry to show themselves. From letter necklaces, to name earrings. Name earrings, is one of the trendy jewelry in recent years. The most commonly seen design is the hoop earrings with a name inside. The other design could be name studs earrings, etc.


 Bella Hadid, as a fashion icon who thoughtfully supports emerging designers, as well as archive vintage fashion. After all these years as a model, she forms her own style! Her influence is unquestionable, too. Trends she likes, like custom jewelry, Y2k style outfits, and jewelry, are followed by many younger generations. The bamboo hoop earrings with her name "Bella" becomes a hit after she wears in the party with her friend!


 Another fashion icon Jennifer Lo, is also a big fan of hoop earrings except for this time, she adds more personality to her look by wearing the oversized C-type hoop earrings with her name. An effortless way to show people who she is even if she wears sunglasses! Hoop earrings are fashionable enough, not to mention the one with your own personal name!


Here are some more custom Name Earring that we pick for you:



  • Name Necklace

The name necklace has been a mainstay in the jewelry industry for years and is popular among many women. It’s very easy to dress up, down, and it goes with anything. It has already became a first-pick jewelry by my celebrities nowadays. Because of its distinctiveness and ease to match with all kinds of outfits, the name necklace goes wild. 


 From the beginning of her career, Beyonce has worn letters around her neck (cue the matching 'DC' chains worn by all three Destiny's Child members). In one event, she wore a simple silver "Mommy" necklace with the classic script to show her new identity: mom of 3 children.


U7 jewelry's name necklace has always been customers' favorite. Let's have a peek at those stunning custom name necklaces:


In conclusion, personalized jewelry is not only the best choice to state your personality but also a thoughtful gift to someone you cared about. For the initial necklace, you can wear a single letter or combine it with other letters to form a special and unique meaning necklace. From initial necklace, to name necklace, you can always find the best custom jewelry on U7 jewelry!