What is 18K gold and 18K gold plated? What is the difference between 18K gold and 18K gold plated jewelry? Last time we have introduced you to some easy ways on how to spot gold and gold plated jewelry, today we will explain more specific details on the difference between 18K gold and 18K gold plated jewelry to let you know more about our product and we hope we can answer your doubts between them. Below is a brief comparison.



Price (50g)



Purpose of purchase

18K Gold Jewelry

75% Gold

+25% Alloy

USD $3000

More than 2 Years

Avoid contact with water and sweat

Financial product

Precious gift 

Precious collection


18K Gold Plated Jewelry

(Recommended Brand:U7)

18K Gold Plated on Surface of Copper or 316L Stainless Steel

USD $10-$50

6 Months-2 Years

Avoid contact with water and sweat

Daily wear

Meaningful gift

Matching clothes and makeup

Bad Plated Jewelry

Unfriendly golden material on bad alloy or plastic

Less than USD $5

Less than 1 Week

Avoid contact with water and sweat

Unhealthy, not recommended


1.What is 18K Gold Jewelry?

18K gold jewelry is made with gold alloy, which contains 75% pure gold and 25% other metals like copper and zinc. The solid and pure gold we always called 24K gold. 18k gold means 18 parts are pure gold and 6 parts are other metals. 24K gold(pure gold) is so soft, easy to be stretched and bend, so 24K gold is not an ideal materials for jewelry, so the common gold jewelry we saw in our daily life are gold alloy like 18K gold, 14K gold,12Kgold,10K gold. 14K contains 58.3% pure gold, 12K gold contains 50% Pure Gold, 10K gold contains 41.6% pure gold.


2.What is 18K Gold Plated Jewelry

18K gold plated Jewelry is not made of gold but base metal or silver applied with a layer of 18K gold by chemical or electrochemical plating. It is a very popular way to make jewelry with a gold richness color, based on its excellence in hardness and reasonable price, 18K gold plated jewelry becomes competitive in today’s jewelry market and very desirable and pleasant to wear.

However, there are some super low-price bad plated jewelry, made of unfriendly golden material coated on bad alloy or plastic which are harmful to health so it is not recommended to purchase or wear.

3.What is the Price and Features Difference Between 18K gold and 18K gold Plated?

The first thing that will come to our mind about the difference between 18K gold Jewelry and 18K gold Plated jewelry is the price, 18K gold jewelry is more expansive than 18K gold Plated, it usually costs 60-100USD per gram 18K gold, if your chain necklace weight about 25 grams, then it will cost about 1500-2000 USD or more. But you only need to pay 10-50USD for a 25 grams 18K gold plated chain necklace and if for bad plated jewelry, the price will less than 5USD.

Durability is everyone's concerns, 18K gold jewelry retains color for more than 2 years, but 18k gold plated will be faded and expose the base metal as time went by, but with careful and appropriate care, the color of it can be preserved for about 6 months - 2 years while bad plated jewelry only keep less than 1 week.

18K gold is softer and easier to be scratched by some harsh objects than 18K gold plated jewelry, if you want to buy a piece of jewelry that you want to wear every day, 18K gold plated jewelry is a better choice.

4.Common Marks for 18K gold and 18K gold Plated ?

Most gold and gold plated jewelry have a mark, you may be confused because there are a lot of them, just see the most common marks below.
18K-Means 18K gold (can be substituted with 10, 12, 18, 24 etc.)
18KP-This means 18K plumb, 18KP means the gold purity not less than indicated but could possibly be slightly purer, if a piece is not stamped “KP” It can be more accurate to subtract up to 0.5 of a carat from the marked purity. (can be substituted with 10, 12, 18, 24,etc.)
18KGP-18K gold plated
18K HGE-18K heavy gold electroplated, it usually indicating electroplating.
10 Microns-This is micron “µ”, which means the gold layer is 10 microns thick.

18K gold Plated Chains

5.Which Work Best for you-18k Gold Jewelry or 18K Gold Plated Jewelry?

Which one do you want to pick? Please keep in mind for your purchase purpose. 18K gold jewelry is good as a precious gift collection while 18K gold plated jewelry is suitable for daily wear to pair with clothes and makeup or as a meaningful gift.You may think 18K gold plated jewelry doesn’t worth anything, but you can consider the 18K gold plated as adornment with high quality of craftsmanship and beautiful modern design. If you want to alternate shiny jewelry instead of 18K gold which will cost you half a month salary,18K gold plated jewelry is a good choice, it is also a best pick if your skin is sensitive as the gold layer can protect you from allergic. Here recommend our U7 18K gold plated jewelry for you which complies with EU environmental standards and hypoallergenic to sensitive skin. 

  • 18K Gold Plated Infinity Name Necklace
U7 Infinity Custom Name 18k Gold Plated Necklace
  • 18K Gold Plated Custome Bamboo Hoop Earrings.
18k gold plated bamboo hoop custom earrings
  • 18K Gold Plated Minimalist Name Studs Earrings
u7jewelry 18k gold plated Minimalist Name Stud Earrings
  • 18K Gold Plated Open Design Adjustable Band Initial Ring
18K Gold Plated Open Design Adjustable Watchband Chain CZ Initial Ring
  • 18K Gold Plated Custom Name Ring with Birthstones
U7jewelry 18k Gold Plated Open Custme Ring with Birthstone



If you got any problems with the gold and gold plated marks, please leave your inquiry below, we can work together to find the answer.