An 18-year-old high school student Keziah Daum has come under fire after she twitter her picture of wearing Cheongsam in prom. Jeremy Lam and other twitter users accusing her of culture appropriation, said that "The qipao was originally a loose dress/garment without shape, made for Chinese women to clean the house and do other domestic chores with.”
Is it real? cheongsam/qipao is garment worn by Chinese women when doing chores ? lets find out the truth!


What is Cheongsam

Cheongsam is a kind of garment start with overthrow of Qing dynasty and founding of the republic of China in 1912 and gradually become a fashion trend in 1920s to 1940s among women to express their desire for liberty and equality. Especially in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Women wear Cheongsam in daily life and big occasions . In 1950s, Cheongsam disappear for a long time because Chinese government prohibit people wearing Cheongsam.

What is Cheongsam


But Nowadays Cheongsam gained a renewed popularity in China and around the world for its beautiful design and classic cutting. A lot of celebrities are followers of Cheongsam, like Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson. they look stunning in wearing cheongsam. Cheongsam highlighted their Slender figure, feminine beauty and also make an exotic impression.

followers of Cheongsam - Anne Hathaway
followers of Cheongsam - Nicole Kidman,
followers of Cheongsam - Emma Watson


Now that Cheongsam is so popular, we here introduce more about Cheongsam—The material and design of cheongsam and tips on choosing and keeping well of cheongsam.

1. The Material And Design Of Cheongsam

Most Cheongsam is made of excellent materials like silk, silk brocade, satin, satin brocade or velour's.
There are so many kinds of cheongsam online and offline with different designs, but most of them have the following characrastics: The distinctive slits on the dress, which supposedly are designed for convenient movement as well as quiet display of the lady's slender legs. With high and open collar buckled up and often tight-fitting. Printing with different kinds of flowers, butterflies and landscape paintings.

2. Tips on Choosing And Keeping Well Of Cheongsam

You need to choosing the suitable size according to your bust/waist/hips measurement because most Cheongsam are with tight design and Its better try on before buying to avoid fitting problems.
If you want to keep Cheongsam in a good status, You need to pay attention to your daily wearing,Changing and washing your Cheongsam no longer than three days to keep it clean and well. Keeping Cheongsam away from Sharp objects to reduce the risk of laddering.

Cheongsam is not just Chinese women wear to do chores. But cultural heritage of China and the fashion, beautiful garment women wear in daily life and big occasions in China and also in other western countries.