It never comes to my mind that my mom dress so stylish in 90s until i checked her old photos, the 90s jewelry like choker,gold plated jewelry,hoops earrings she wear is still on trend today.

90s Jewelry

We can not denied our parents were fashion influencers at their best time even though they look not that bold and stylish today. so lets find out the on trend 90s jewelry which build up the simple but interesting life of our parents and our childhood memories.

90s Jewelry-Choker

Choker will come to everyone’s mind when talk about 90s jewelry, it is in 90s when choker become one kind of must have and affordable antiestablishment for all girls to channel their grungy look. The dog collar, typical plastic tattoo choker, classic leather and velvet choker are also the adorable statement 90s jewelry to show their retro style.

 Lesson Drew Barrymore wear choker in 90s

90s Jewelry-Gold Plated Jewelry

The symbol of 90s jewelry are big,oversized, colorful,shinning and plated with real gold. Like the big and heavy gold plated hip hop chains, bangles and big band rings rappers wear to make their exaggerate statement.

gold plated jewelry link chain necklace

90s Jewelry-Hoop Earrings

Large and bold classic hoop earrings is as popular as red lipsticks among celebrities and style icons in the 90s. it is one of the 90s jewelry which stay strong in fashion trend today.

big hoops

90s Jewelry-90s Bracelet

The 90s bracelet like slap bracelet and jelly bracelets are like toys rather tan a piece of jewelry for me.

popular stap bracelets in 90s

popular 90s jelly bracelets

90s Jewelry-Friendship Jewelry

In the 90s, people are sending each others friendship jewelry as a gift which usually engraved with “Best Friend” or “Friend Forever” to express the special and timeless bond with each other.

friendship heart designed pendant necklace u7 jewelry
Which one is your favorite 90s jewelry? Share with us.

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