Pearls is a miracle and treasure of natural and has existed on earth for hundreds of years, we are familiar with pearls,but do you know how pearls are made? Today we give our answer about how three kind of pearls are made: nature pearls, cultured pearls and costumed jewelry pearls.

Natural Pearls

Natural pearls are formed naturally and accidentally by oyster or mollusk which forming process unable to be imitated by any scientific techniques, that is why i say pearls are valuable and miracle nature product. When oyster or mollusk intruded by sand or parasite accidentally and not able to expel, the oyster will become uncomfortable, then the inner layer fleshy of oyster will start up a defense mechanisms to cover the sand or parasite with Negra which produced by itself, oyster cover the intruder with layers and layers of Nagra to relieve the uncomfortable feeling, I think it is a stress response which unexpected made the priceless natural pearls, nature pearls are very pricey and rare for its low probability.

oyster with pearls

Here is a video I find in Youtube, it clearly explained how natural pearls are made by oyster.

Cultural Pearls

The authentic pearls in the market 99% are cultural pearls, which forming process of pearls is the same as natural pearls but with a nucleus be placed inside oyster or mollusk as planned by man and with good care to increasing the success rate of harvest.

nucleus be put inside oyster to grow pearls
The are two kinds of cultural pearls, one is salt water pearls and another is freshwater pearls varied in the growing circumstance, salt water pearls production is much lower than fresh water pearls for the strictly living circumstance will affected easily by the change of the sea water temperature, water pressure and other elements.

oyster be nurture in sea to produce salt water pearls

Synthetic Pearls/Lab Created Pearls

In ancient Rome, the synthetic pearls have been made using glass beads coated with silver to fulfill the request of the affordable pearls. Nowadays, synthetic pearls jewelry is made from glass beads covered by environmentally dye to endow the glass beads with the cluster light of authentic pearls.

Synthetic Pearls On Trend

Synthetic pearls have win its popularity and still stay in trend since 1920s when Coco Chanel turn this undesirable fashion jewelry to the most welcomed fashion accessories which price is affordable to all classes. She combined the synthetic peals with fine gemstones and the minimalism style attire to created an iconic and modern look which imitate by all class. She stated: “It’s disgusting to walk around with millions dollars around the neck because one happens to be rich. I only like fake jewelry because it’s provocative”.The popularity of synthetic pearls proved that she truly is a fashion pioneer who has foreseen insight towards jewelry.

Coco Chanel wear layer of synthetic pearls

Top Picks of Synthetic Pearls

There so much to talk about synthetic pearls, today we also bring you an extra bonus-our top picks of synthetic pearl necklace and bracelet. Lets have a look.

Pearl necklace and pearl bracelet

What kind of pearls do you like, check U7 pearl jewelry and share you ideas in below.