Rhinestone has penetrate into every corner of our life, we are living in a world full of rhinestones, From lamps,glasses to rhinestone jewelry and the bling nails you got from a manicure store.But do you know what is a rhinestone?

To let you have a better idea about this beautiful gems, today we bring you some information about what is rhinestone, the history of rhinestone and the fascinating rhinestone jewelry.

What is a Rhinestone

Rhinestone is one kind of substitute diamond which originally made from rock crystal which founded along the Rhine river, then made from crystal glass(which usually called crystal which is the combination of lead oxide with glass ). the rhinestone we see today is made of crystal glass, which bottom side has been covered with a metal coating and the surface is with accurately cutting techniques to let it sparkle like diamond.

Rhinestone crystal crystal glass

What is a Rhinestone-History of Rhinestone

If you want to know one object, you’d better know its history and the behind stories. Rhinestone is not one kind of modern product but origin from early 18th century when rock rhinestone be discovered along the Rhine river, then rhinestone is made from crystal glass instead of rare rock rhinestone for it’s superiority in output which make mass production become possible. 

There is one person who accelerate rhinestone step into our daily life, you may know his name,Yes,he is Daniel Swarovski, the legendary founder of the well known brand Swarovski. He created the advanced rhinestone electric cutting machine in 19th century. Then rhinestones has been widely used in decorations and accessories, no need to mention rhinestone jewelry which designed with diverse styles and colors by fashion designers with low price, one kind of must have item to complete your costumes and night grooms and also works well on adding more sparkles to your wedding dress.

What is a Rhinestone-Rhinestone Jewelry

What is a Rhinestone-Top Picks

Here are our top picks rhinestone necklace for you, which with high quality rhinestone inlaid and with best craftsmanship.

Rhinestone pendant necklace U7 Jewelry

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