Punk Jewelry was considered and known as anti-fashion accessory for young to express their desire for individual freedom since 1970s when punk fashion appear. Yet, its ironic bold punk style has become a fashion trend enjoyed by all fashion icons, designers and all classes.

Punk Jewelry

It is fun to pick some trendy Punk Jewelry to add refreshment to your daily attire. So today we bring you our top picks of typical classicPunk Jewelry for you to follow the chic punk trend.

Punk Jewelry-Skull Design Jewelry Collection

The most common seen Punk Jewelry always be the skull/skeleton designed necklace, bracelet and big band rings, most are made from the cold and muscular stainless steel, which will evoke the feelings of power and mortality. Though Skull designed jewelry may look a little bizarre for few people but it is extremely beautiful for skull lovers and popular rockstars.

If you want to collect one piece of Punk Jewelry, skull jewelry is your top must have accessory for you to add a little sparkle to your street look.

gold plated skeleton designed jewelry collection u7

Punk Jewelry-Razor Blades Necklace

No matter the Graffiti,torn T shirt, Mohawk Hair, Pins or the Punk Jewelry is trying to create an unusual contrast look which serves as a way to express one’s ironic attitude toward conservative and mainstream, Razor Blades necklace is one kind of bold statement Punk Jewelry piece which origin from punk culture and leave others with a contrast feeling, the Razor Blades pendant is classic and audacious jewelry punk to express ones punk attitude.

razor blades necklace and razor blades choker

Punk Jewelry-Belly Button Ring

Body Piercing and wear belly button ring seems everyday now and symbolize punk style, Wearing a belly button ring is less overstate and shocking than wear nose ring and tongue rings and a sexy piece for pool party.

punk sexy cz belly button ring

Punk Jewelry-Leather Choker

Leather was seen everywhere in punk age when Leather Dog Collar Choker Spikes is bold enough to attract everyone’s attention.

vintage dog collar leather dog collar choker
Which one is your favorite punk jewelry ? Share with us.