As a senior Fashion Jewelry Wholesale company, they inclined to work with a company or official jewelry website with factory . Not Alibaba and other third parties. Reasons as follows,

1.Jewelry company or official jewelry website with factory has Credit certification , best security in payment method ,Best QC inspection professional customer service and fast Mature logistics team.

2. They won’t involve in the price war, as they are not aimed at that.and pls trust-You get what you pay off.

If u wholesale fashion jewelry on ebay spend $200 to buy bad quality ,it is not cost effective for u finally. You lost is not only money, more important is the customer trust to your company .

But u buy from brand jewelry official website, never happen to bad product , because Other sale channel mainly value the sales, their after-sale service mostly only include return and change goods.but brand jewelry official website pay more attention to brand popularize and customer services.

How do i choose a partner on Fashion Jewelry Wholesale ?

The differences of business is important is to choose products, u can not choose widespread product on the market. Otherwise , u will fall in the price war. And get the low benefit .

1.Fashion Jewelry Wholesale , Choose personalized product. Such as ,U7 Jewelry 

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry for men jewelry ,they have FEATURED jewelry type different from others.

There are have men’s gold chain necklace , men’s CROSS jewelry, Zodiac sign jewelry, men’s sports Jewelry, men’s cufflinks and tie clips (etc.),trust Your eyes will light when u visit products ,

2.Fashion Jewelry Wholesale,choose the Factory direct sales partners,

Because they can guarantee the delivery time , they can arrange your packages within 2 days. And Support your supply when u place a bulk order .

3.Fashion Jewelry Wholesale, choose specific Consumer groups,

Such as, u wanna sell your product to African people, u need to do the market in African, so will know u can sell human hair bundle and gold jewelry in African, because local people haven’t long hair owing to natural environment and their skin is black ,match with gold jewelry .

Fashion Jewelry Wholesale is important , thinking well, choose the right dealers will have a booming business !